"O" E-Clips: highlights of media coverage involving the UO and its faculty and staff

UO E-Clips is a daily report prepared by the Office of Communications (http://comm.uoregon.edu) summarizing current news coverage of the University of Oregon.

Media mentions for May 29

£500,000 funding for research into ash cloud dangers

University of Bristol: The untold disruption caused by the eruption of an Icelandic volcano will come under the spotlight at the University of Bristol thanks to the creation of a new research post to look at the hazards of volcanic ash and how its risks can be managed. Professor Kathy Cashman, from the School of Earth Sciences, will hold the position of Chair in Volcanology ... Professor Cashman, who is also a Philip H. Knight Distinguished Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Oregon, said: "This is a three year project, during which time we hope to have developed better scientific methods for predicting how volcanic plumes behave. This will help benefit local communities who live near volcanoes, as well as airlines that need to know if it is going to be safe to fly. 


Media mentions for May 28 

Study links water, healthy food

Register-Guard: A team of researchers at the University of Oregon may have at last discovered how to get children to eat their vegetables. The study suggests parents can encourage healthy and lasting food choices by their children by serving a glass of water at each meal ... "People have repeated exposure to combinations of food and drink, and they learn from them," said Bettina Cornwell, a professor of marketing at the UO and co-author of the study. "Especially for kids, they learn that 'this' goes with 'that.' "

Memorial Day at home

Oregon Daily Emerald: From serving the country to sitting in class, student veterans often assimilate into school life and their service is forgotten. These nine veterans, who served from Afghanistan to South Korea, from the frontlines to the back and from the air to the ground, are currently serving as students at the University of Oregon. This student veteran project was a chance for the service members among us to bring their stories back to campus.


Media mentions for May 26

Former Terp Quarterback, Others, Use Controversial Transfer Rule

College Park Patch: While most college athletes who transfer from one Division I school to another can't play immediately, a special transfer exception allows athletes who have graduated to enroll in a graduate program at another school and play for its athletics program immediately as long as the academic program in which they enroll was not available at their previous school. In late March, O'Brien announced he was going to Wisconsin... "Athletics directors have free agency," said Tublitz, a biology professor at the University of Oregon. "The coaches have free agency. Everybody has free agency but the student-athlete. Why should the student-athlete be prevented from doing something that everybody else in college sports is allowed to?"


Late mentions for May 25 

A Dozen U of O Students Plan a Hunger Strike To Support a Faculty Member

KLCC: A dozen University of Oregon students plan to begin a hunger strike Tuesday to advocate for the retention of Political Science Instructor Ken DeBevoise. Calling their movement "Hungry for Education," the undergraduates say they will consume only water until the school agrees to retain DeBevoise.