The University of Oregon's experts in sustainable energy seek ways to keep our world running at pace while reducing - or even eliminating - our footprint on "Mother Earth." They study green chemistry, and their groundbreaking research doesn't just live in an ivory tower, it's transforming everything from how and where we harness energy to how it's used and disposed, right now.

Jim Hutchison, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jim Hutchison is an expert in green chemistry, biochemistry, and nanoscience, using all three to develop sustainable materials. At the University of Oregon, he is a professor of organic, organometallic and materials chemistry

Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Darren Johnson is an expert in environmental sustainability through green chemistry. He tackles water pollution and purification, especially related to agriculture and industrial waste water. His research has found ways to filter and capture rare earth minerals from waste water, giving us clean water for everyone and highly valuable metals for industrial use.

David Tyler, expert in the life cycles of everyday items and Charles J. and M. Monteith Jacobs Professor of Inorganic, Organometallic & Polymer Chemistry

David Tyler, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

David Tyler is an expert in sustainable materials, plastics, and natural gas. He studies the life cycles and environmental impacts of everyday items, like Keurig cups, and also studies light-sensitive materials that can transform sustainable production.

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, Department of Architecture, Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg is an expert in energy efficiency, specifically with architectural design. At the University of Oregon, he is an associate professor of architecture and the director of the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory. He teaches classes in daylighting, integrated design principles, energy performance in buildings, and design.