David Tyler, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

David Tyler, expert in the life cycles of everyday items and Charles J. and M. Monteith Jacobs Professor of Inorganic, Organometallic & Polymer Chemistry

David Tyler

Practice Areas: Innovation, Environment, Energy, Plastic, Water, Natural Gas

David Tyler is an academic expert in sustainable materials and plastics. At the University of Oregon, he is the Charles J. and M. Monteith Jacobs Professor of Chemistry. His research is involved with developing new, environmentally friendly methods to produce materials. As part of his research, he also studies the life cycle assessments and environmental impacts of everyday items.  His work to remove nitrogen impurities from natural gas using a sustainable process may have transformative effects on that industry. Other ongoing research dealing with light-sensitive materials may lead to new, sustainable ways to produce medicines and plastics.

Contactdtyler@uoregon.edu | 541-346-4649


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