Angela Joya, Department of International Studies

Angela Joya
Academic Areas:
Syria, ISIS, Middle East, Refugees, Islamic Radicalization

Angela Joya is an academic expert in the Syrian refugee crisis, Middle East conflict areas, such as ISIS in Egypt and Syria, and the related experiences of refugees and women. At the University of Oregon, she is an assistant professor of international studies. Her research examines political and economic transformations in the Middle East and North Africa. She also studies responses to economic globalization from labor and peasant movements, Islamic movements (such as the Muslim Brotherhood) as well as religiously oriented political groups such as ISIS. Her recent work examines the political transformation of Syrian refugees in the context of the Syrian conflict as various political groups compete for political power and control of the state of Syria. Angela travels annually to the Middle East and has worked in Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Turkey. While in Turkey, Angela has spent time in Syrian refugee camps studying the impacts of the crisis on the Syrian people.