Christoph Lindner, College of Design

Christoph Lindner
Academic Areas:
Globalization, Contemporary Art and Architecture, Urban Studies, History of New York City, Urban Sustainability, Cinema and Popular Culture

Christoph Lindner is an academic expert in the impact of globalization on the space and communities of contemporary cities and can speak to the politics of urban pollution, ruin aesthetics, gentrification and street art, and the rise of elevated parks in cities such as New York and São Paulo. At the University of Oregon, he is dean of the College of Design. Lindner is also an honorary research professor in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam and was professor of Media and Culture there, where he launched and directed the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis Cities Project and served as founding director of the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis. His research and writings span architecture, urban planning, design, art, visual culture, art history, and even James Bond. | 541-346-3631 | @cplindner


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