Ann Glang, Center on Brain Injury Research and Training

Ann Glang is a research professor and director of The Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT). Ann designs interventions to support educators and families of children and adolescents with brain injuries, including concussions. She and her team developed a web-based concussion management tool for high schools.

McKay Sohlberg, College of Education

McKay Sohlberg is an expert in special education, early intervention, communication disorders, and brain injury recovery, especially related to concussion. She also collaborates with the Department of Computer and Information Sciences to design technologies to help people with brain injuries.

Anita Christie, Department of Human Physiology

Anita Christie is an expert on healthy aging and how brain injuries, like concussions, impact motor functions. Anita studies the function of the neuromuscular system in healthy individuals and in individuals under situations of dysfunction, like aging and mild traumatic brain injury.