News Archive prior to Feb. 2015

UO-based center gets $3.7 million to help grow global Internet infrastructure

The NSF-funded Network Startup Resource Center helps countries build networks and train engineers to enhance international science collaboration

Strong working memory put brakes on problematic drug use

University of Oregon-led team finds that impulsive adolescents who lack focus are more likely to face substance-abuse issues

Legalized pot on the table for the Oregon Economic Forum

11th annual event also will feature a national perspective on Wall Street's health and prospects for prosperity

City of Eugene and UO leaders to go door to door in campus neighborhoods

Leaders will welcome students, share information on unruly gathering ordinance

Retired, current faculty members and family honor legacy with $1.2 million endowed chair

Parents and physicians around the world are catching social and learning disorders early on, thanks to an innovative preschool screening tool developed by two University of Oregon researchers.

UO remembers Aaron Jones

The university community mourns the loss of alumnus Aaron Jones, a lumberman, philanthropist and loyal fan of the Ducks. He died Sept. 22 at age 92.

Facial masculinity not always a telling factor in mate selection

University of Oregon anthropologists are part of study that throws cold water on theory that infectious disease rates drive such choices

'Antifreeze' in Antarctic fishes keeps internal ice from melting

EUGENE, Ore. — Sept. 22, 2014 — Fish that adapted to survive and thrive in icy cold Antarctic waters by developing antifreeze proteins are swimming in an evolutionary paradox, says a University of Oregon researcher.

UO made steady gains in research and innovation in FY 2014

A record number of research proposals were recorded in 2013-2014, a year that also saw a 13 percent increase in awards funding