Diana Garvin, Department of Romance Languages

Diana Garvin

Diana Garvin

Assistant Professor, Italian, Mediterranean Studies
Practice Areas: Fascism, Neo-Fascism, Food and Politics, Gender and Sexuality Under Far-Right Regimes, Reproductive Health Care, Abortion Rights, Italian Politics

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Diana Garvin is an academic expert in fascism and neo-fascism, Italian politics, food and politics, gender and sexuality under far-right regimes, reproductive health care, and abortion rights. In her latest book, "Feeding Fascism: The Politics of Women's Food Work," she uses food as a lens to examine power negotiations between women and the dictatorship. Diana has also published articles on reproductive health care under Fascism in journals such as Signs, Critical Inquiry, and Annali d’italianistica. She is now at work on her second project, The Bean in the Machine, the history of coffee culture across three continents in the early twentieth century, which has received the Fulbright Global Scholar Award and the Getty Research Library Grant.

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