Jessica Green, Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Jessica Green

Practice Areas: Biology, Sustainability, STEM, Women in STEM, Microbiology, Health, Germs, Engineering

Jessica Green is an academic expert in biology, ecology, engineering and sustainability of the "built environment," (i.e., buildings, homes, apartment complexes, offices, subways, etc.). She studies ways we can improve our health by improving how and what we build. At the University of Oregon, she is a professor of biology and co-director of the UO's Institute of Ecology and Evolution. She conducts research through the Biology and the Built Environment Center, exploring microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) that exist and move around indoor environments, especially in workplaces, classrooms, hospitals, subways, and our own homes. A biologist, ecologist and engineer, Jessica is a Guggenheim Fellow and TED Senior Fellow. 

Contact: | 541-346-5674 | @JessicaLeeGreen


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