Josh Snodgrass, Department of Anthropology and Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Josh Snodgrass
Academic Areas:
Evolution, Human Biology, Global Health, Environmental Stress, Minimally Invasive Diagnostics, Aging

Josh Snodgrass is an academic expert in human evolutionary biology and global health, describing how humans adapt to environmental stressors, such as sustained extreme cold, and the influence of economic and cultural change on aging, diet, cardiovascular health and metabolic diseases. At the University of Oregon, Josh is an associate professor of anthropology and associate vice provost for undergraduate studies. He has active field projects in northeastern Siberia, the Amazon region of Ecuador, six countries as part of the WHO's SAGE project, and several locations within the United States. 

Contact: | 541-346-5038


Recent Media: 
Amazonians offer clues to human childhood development (The Scientist, July 1, 2018)
Researchers gain insight into infant handling by young bonobos (EurekAlert! June 19, 2018)