Krista McGuire, Department of Biology

Krista McGuire

Practice Areas: Microbial Ecology, Tropical Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change

Krista McGuire is an academic expert in microbial ecology, tropical ecology, biodiversity and the impacts of human activity on ecosystems. At the University of Oregon, Krista is an associate professor of biology and a principal investigator in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution. In her research, she focuses on how human activity, such as agriculture, urbanization, and logging, impact plant-soil-microbial feedbacks. Specifically, she focuses on the fungi that associate with plants, and uses surveys, experiments, and modeling to predict how plants and fungi will resist and recover from disturbances. The projects in her lab span multiple systems including tropical rain forests, cities, and vineyards, but are united by addressing fundamental questions in ecology that have implications for management and conservation.

Contact: | 541-346-8949


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