Mitchell Block, School of Journalism and Communication

Mitchell Block, Jon Anderson Chair Professor of Documentary Studies and Production

Professor, Documentary Films
Practice Areas: Filmmaking, Producing, Distribution and Marketing, Copyright and Fair Use

Faculty bio | (310) 699-5231

Mitchell Block is an academic and professional expert in film distribution and production, documentaries and documentary shorts, animated shorts, live-action films, the film and TV industry, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the economics of filmmaking, independent filmmaking, festivals, theatrical production and distribution, and film and television education. He has experience making films in China, consulting for the media giant 10Cents and teaching at China colleges and universities. Block has worked with an international base of clients in filmmaking, producing and marketing. He helped create the Pakistan and El Salvador film academies and the American branch of BAFTA in Los Angeles. He has created five film festivals, four of which continue to operate. He was one of the original program consultants at the US Film Festival/Sundance Film Festival. Block has lectured on film throughout the Pacific Rim and in Russia and Iceland. He continues to make documentary and short films and his work was selected to be included on the Librarian of Congress National Film Registry. His short film, NO LIES was selected by the critics of Indiewire Magazine as one of the “Eight Best Short Films of All Time in 2019.” 

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