Nick Light, Lundquist College of Business

Nick Light

Nick Light

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Practice Areas: Consumers’ Perceptions of Simplicity and Complexity; Public Understanding of Science, Knowledge, Information and Uncertainty

Faculty bio

Nick Light is an academic expert on how people think, their knowledge (real and perceived), their attitudes on scientific topics and technologies, science communication, brand strategy, marketing and psychological strategies to improve public discourse, and mental models of simplicity and complexity.

Recent Media:
Science opponents believe their knowledge ranks among the highest, but it is actually among the lowest (PsyPost, Aug. 20, 2022
People who disagree with scientists often overestimate their own scientific knowledge, study finds (Brown University, Aug. 9, 2022)
Education alone won’t change anti-science views, study finds (Alliance for Science, July 22, 2022)
Fake COVID-19 news makes you want to treat yourself on the cheap (CU Boulder Today, Oct. 13, 2020)