Philip J. Romero, Department of Finance

Philip J. Romero
Academic Areas:
Cost-Benefit Analysis, Economic Policy, National Security, State and Local Taxation, Strategy in Deregulated Industries

Philip J. Romero is an economist, policy analyst, and applied mathematician. He is an academic expert in cost-benefit analysis, economic policy, national security, state and local taxation, and strategy in deregulated industries. At the University of Oregon, he served as business dean from 1999 to 2004 and currently is a professor of finance. Phil’s background combines think-tank economics, corporate strategy, and high-level public policy. Author of eight books, his focus is on how public policies affect business strategy and personal investing, especially for retirement. He has twice served as California's chief economist: to Gov. Pete Wilson in the 1990s, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2000s. During his tenure in the California’s Governor’s office, Phil served as director of the state Office of Planning and Research (OPR), the Governor's think tank. He also served as Gov. Wilson's national security adviser. 

Contact: | 541-346-5099


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