UO faculty named 2008-09 Fulbright Scholars

EUGENE, Ore. -- (Jan. 9, 2009) - Three University of Oregon professors have been awarded the 2008-09 Fulbright Scholar grant. In addition, the university welcomes two visiting scholars for the academic year.

This year, about 1,000 U.S. professionals received the Fulbright Scholar awards to lecture and conduct research abroad. A similar number of foreign scholars received awards to come to the U.S. The traditional Fulbright Scholar program allows faculty to spend three months to a year in another country, bringing cross-cultural perspectives into existing curriculum, revitalizing teaching methods and providing lasting professional contacts.

"College and university leaders are increasingly aware of how important it is to internationalize U.S. campuses in order to prepare students for future success in a global world and marketplace," wrote Sabine O'Hara, executive director of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, in a letter to UO President Dave Frohnmayer. "Scholars shape the interest and future direction of countless students. And scholars have a significant multiplier effect on campuses around the world."

UO Fulbright Scholar Grantees:
• Lori Kruckenberg, UO professor of musicology
Research: Messine Chant and the Lotharingian Axis: The Tradition of Tropes from Metz
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany
Sept. 2008 to Aug. 2009

• Lise Nelson, UO professor of geography
Lecturing/Research: Epistemology in Human Geography; Gender and Political Culture in Indigenous Mexico
College of Michoacan, Michoacan, Mexico
Sept. 2008 to Feb. 2009

• Phillip Scher, UO professor of anthropology
Lecturing/Research: Heritage Tourism and Globalization in Barbados
University of the West Indies-Cave Hill, Barbados
Aug. 2008 to May 2009

Fulbright Visiting Grantees:
• Chen-Lung Chin, department of accounting, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan
Research: Institutional Investors, Analyst Relationship and Analyst Earning Forecast Duration: The Effect of Fair Disclosure Regulation
Aug. 2008 to July 2009

• Sung-Yeon Kim, department of English education, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
Research: Writing Across the Curriculum and English Meduim Courses in Korean Universities
Jan. to July 2009

Links: Council for International Exchange of Scholars, www.cies.org.