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The University of Oregon is changing the way the world thinks about volcanoes, childhood obesity, sports products, green chemistry, and life at the nano-scale. We're home to many elite researchers and experts who are available for media interview and related requests.

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The discovery of one of North America’s oldest known artifacts. A new way of treating arsenic-contaminated water to make it safe to drink. A student concludes that people likely rolled the hats that rest atop Easter Island's famous structures. Big things happen here. And the media have noticed.

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The University of Oregon is deeply committed to both pure and applied research. We collaborate, break down barriers, and find better ways. It’s what we do. For the health and welfare of those in Oregon, the nation, and the world. Working together to become greater than the sum of our parts.



University of Oregon researchers continue to document how a meatpacking plant met the desire to fill low-wage, exploitive jobs.

Study documents the numbers and impacts of school changes by 86 foster children, but uncover potential game-changing routes to intervention.

Preparations have begun to implement a proven evidence-based therapy and study its effectiveness in reducing repeat child maltreatment issues.  

Computer modeling driven by data gleaned from Mount Lassen basalt opens window on water's role deep in the Earth and on the surface. —

University of Oregon study finds that a targeted Los Angeles audience responded well to a culturally considered letter seeking charitable support.

Findings in University of Oregon study challenge notion of separate processing pathways for mapping what we see and guiding our movements.