Brendan Bohannan, Department of Biology

Brendan Bohannan, professor of biology and expert in microbes and our health

Brendan Bohannan, James F. and Shirley K. Rippey Chair in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Professor, Biology and Environmental Studies
Affiliate, Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Practice Areas: Climate Change, Microbiology, Health, Sustainability

Faculty bio | Lab website | (541) 346-5279

Brendan Bohannan is an academic expert in climate change, sustainability, microbiology and health. A 2021 inductee into the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he studies microbes, from how they affect (or are affected by) climate change, to how they affect our health, especially when microbes that are meant to live outside are brought into indoor locations, like classrooms, hospitals, and schools through the air or by users of indoor spaces. A Google Science Communication Fellow, Brendan is also involved in multi-institutional efforts in South America and Africa to study soil microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) and how they fit into global warming as causes or consequences.

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