Political Experts

Angela Addae, School of Law

Civil Rights Law, Social Enterprise Law, Race and the Law

Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Vice President of the Division of Equity and Inclusion

Political Behavior, Racial and Ethnic Politics, American Politics, Immigration (with an emphasis on West African immigrants)

Adell Amos, School of Law Environmental & Natural Resources Program

Drought, Environment, Natural Resources, Wilderness, Conservation, EPA, Policy, Law

Steven Beda, Department of History

Labor History, Environmental History, 20th Century US History, Pacific Northwest Timber Industry, History of Forestry, History of Rural Politics and Rural Protest Movements

Marcilynn A. Burke, School of Law

Natural Resources Law, Property Law, Takings, Eminent Domain, Ballot Initiatives

Bob Bussell, Director of the Labor Education Research Center and Associate Professor of History

Bob Bussel, Labor Education and Research Center

Labor Unions, Income Inequality, Immigration, Work, Working Families

Christopher Chávez, School of Journalism and Communication

Popular Culture, Television, Advertising Trends, Race and Ethnicity

Charise Cheney, Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies

African American, Black, Pop Culture, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Rap, Music, Politics, Activism

Stuart Chinn, School of Law

Constitutional Law, Constitutional Legislation, Legal and Political History

Bettina Cornwell

T. Bettina Cornwell, Department of Marketing

Marketing, Advertising, Sponsorship, Consumer Behavior, Sports Marketing

Nicole Dahmen, School of Journalism and Communication

Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Social Media, Photojournalism, Commemorative Journalism, News Design, Publication Design, Visual Ethics, Visual Identity, Iconic Photographs, Media Technology, Eye-tracking

Andrew DeVigal, School of Journalism and Communication

Consumer Behavior, Health Care, Social Media, Trends, Journalism

Greg Dotson, School of Law

Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Energy Law, Climate Change Law and Policy

Tara Fickle, Department of English

Asian American Literature, History, and Culture, Chinese Americans, US-China Cultural/Social Relations, Race and Identity Politics, Comics, Gaming (including Mobile Games, Video Games, Board Games, and Gambling), Digital Humanities/Electronic Literature

David Frank, Rhetoric, Robert D. Clark Honors College

Rhetoric, Political Speeches, Debate, Public Address, Critical Reasoning, Forensics, Barack Obama, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Dennis Galvan, Departments of Political Science and Global Studies

International Development, Developing Countries, Poverty, Global Inequality, Westernization, West Africa, Indonesia, Islam, Ethnic Conflict, Nation Building, Democratization

Alison Gash, Department of Political Science

US Courts, Gender, Race, Sexuality, Same-Sex Marriage, Constitutional Rights, Public Policy, Supreme Court

Erik Girvan, School of Law

Civil Litigation, Conflict and Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, Appropriate Dispute Resolution, Oregon Child Advocacy Project, Psychology

Craig Kauffman, Department of Political Science

Environmental Politics, Climate Change Policy, Sustainable Development, Environmental Law, Ecological Economics, Indigenous Environmental Law and Practices, Transnational Networks, Collaborative Governance of Forest and Watershed Ecosystems

Peter Laufer, School of Journalism and Communication

Conflict Zones, Ethics, Organic Food, Borders, Private Zoos, Exotic Animals

Regina Lawrence, Turnbull Portland Center and Agora Journalism Center

Civic Engagement, Voting Behavior, Political Communication, Journalism Innovation

Joseph Lowndes, Department of Political Science

Conservatism, Republicans, Race, Tea Party, Social Movements, Elections

Ed Madison, School of Journalism and Communication

Journalism, Media, Political Journalism

Gabriela Martinez, School of Journalism and Communication

International Communication, Political Economy of Communication, Telecommunication, Human Rights, Collective Memory and the Media, Latin America, Immigration

Ronald Mitchell, Department of Political Science

Environmental Politics, International Relations

Cassandra Moseley, Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Environment, Forest, Planning, Policy, Natural Resources

Craig Parsons, Department of Political Science

European Union, French and British Politics, Brexit, European Refugee Crisis, Debt Crisis

Ofer Raban, School of Law

Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Judicial Philosophy

Gerardo Sandoval, expert in the roles of immigrants in community regeneration

Gerardo Sandoval, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Immigration, Urban Planning, Undocumented Workers, Immigrant Neighborhoods, Transportation Planning

Marc Schlossberg, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Biking, Transportation, City Planning, Community Development, Environment

Ellen Scott, Department of Sociology

Minimum Wage, Economy, Unemployment, Debt, Labor, Taxes

Priscilla Southwell, Department of Political Science

US Politics, Elections, Vote By Mail, European Politics, Oregon Politics, Political Behavior

Lynn Stephen, Department of Anthropology

Immigration, Asylum, Gendered Violence, DACA, Dreamers

Daniel Tichenor, Department of Political Science

Immigration, Elections, Politics

Elizabeth Tippett, School of Law

Employment Law, Behavioral Ethics, Decision Making

Julie Weise, Department of History

Race, Immigration, Latino Immigration, Migration, Identity, Immigration Policy

Anita M. Weiss, Department of Global Studies

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Muslim World, Political Islam, Muslim Women’s Rights, International Development

Mary Wood, School of Law Environmental & Natural Resources Program

Environment, Climate Change, Youth Climate Change Lawsuit, Native Lands, Atmospheric Trust Litigation

Priscilla Yamin, expert in marriage, women, gender roles and assistant professor

Priscilla Yamin, Department of Political Science

Marriage, Gender, Women, Politics, Women in Politics, LGBT, Race, Religion, Civil Rights