Education Experts

Melissa Baese-Berk, Department of Linguistics

Bilingualism, Speech Perception, Second Language Acquisition, Non-Native Speech

Jim Brooks, Student Aid and Scholarships

Tuition, Student Loans, Debt, Financial Aid

Tiffany Brown, College of Education

Marriage and Family Therapy, Addiction, Recovery, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Self-harm (Non-Suicidal Self-Injury), Addiction on College Campuses, Grief

Elizabeth Budd, College of Education

Chronic Disease Prevention, Health Promotion, Physical Activity, Healthy Eating

Ben Clarke, College of Education

Early Childhood Education, Common Core, Learning Disabilities, Teaching Mathematics

David T. Conley

David T. Conley, College of Education

College Readiness, Common Core, College and High School Course Content Analysis, High School-College Alignment and Transition, Large-Scale Diagnosis and Assessment of College Readiness, No Child Left Behind

Jessica Cronce, College of Education

Substance Abuse, Substance Abuse Prevention, At-Risk Behaviors Among College Students

Lauren M. Cycyk, College of Education

Bilingual Language Development, Bilingual Education, Special Education, Communication Disorders

Lillian Durán, College of Education

Bilingual Education, Early Childhood Education, Literacy, Educational Policy, Special Education, Dual Language Learners

Caitlin Fausey, Department of Psychology

Early Development, Cognitive Development, Emergence of Language and Vision in Infants

Phil Fisher, expert in child development, especially in cases of abuse and neglect

Phil Fisher, Department of Psychology

Child Abuse, Foster Care, Early Childhood Adversity, Stress Neurobiology, Neglect, Attachment Disorder, Child Welfare Policy

Scott Fisher, Outreach Director of the Department of Astronomy

Scott Fisher, Department of Physics

Environment, NASA, Space, Astronomy, STEM, Eclipse, Science Communication, Science Literacy

Erik Girvan, School of Law

Civil Litigation, Conflict and Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, Appropriate Dispute Resolution, Oregon Child Advocacy Project, Psychology

Nicole Giuliani, College of Education

Self-Regulation, Obesity Prevention, Health Behaviors, Family Dynamics, Emotions, Neuroimaging

Joanna Goode, College of Education

STEM, Computer Science, Equity, Access and Inclusion in Education

Wendy Hadley, College of Education

Adolescent Risk Behaviors, Substance Abuse Prevention, Sexual Risk Behaviors, Adolescent Weight Management

Beth Harn, College of Education

Special Education, School Psychology, Learning Disabilities, Educational Assessment, Academic Interventions, Literacy

Christina Karns, Department of Psychology

Neuroscience, Self-Regulation, Gratitude, Neuroplasticity, Parenting

Leslie Leve, College of Education

Adoption, Foster Care, Child Abuse, Interventions, Juvenile Justice System, Teen Girls

David Liebowitz, College of Education

Education Inequality, School Leadership, Teacher Evaluation, School Improvement, Education Policy Analysis

Deanna Linville, College of Education

Eating Disorder Prevention and Recovery, Reduction of Health Disparities, Family Wellness, Integrated Healthcare/Medical Family Therapy

Audrey Lucero, College of Education

Literacy Development, Dual Language Immersion Programs, Bilingualism and Biliteracy, Achievement Gaps

W. Andrew Marcus, Department of Geography

Geography, Human Impact on Rivers, Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Kent McIntosh, College of Education

School Violence, Bullying, School Discipline, Problem Behavior, Equity, Racial and Ethnic Equity in Education

Laura Lee McIntyre, Professor of Psychology and the Associate Director of the Child and Family Center at the Prevention Science Institute

Laura Lee McIntyre, College of Education

Mental Health, Autism, Obesity, Children, Youth, Teens, ADHD, Families

Benedict McWhirter, College of Education

Adolescent Risky Behavior, Prevention, Intervention, First-Generation College Students

Chris Murray, College of Education

Special Education, Diversity and Special Education, At-Risk Youth, Transition Issues, Teacher-Student Relationships

Rhonda Nese, College of Education

School Discipline, Bullying and Harassment Prevention, Alternatives to Exclusionary Discipline, Impact of Implicit Biases on Racial Disproportionality in School Discipline

C.J. Pascoe

C.J. Pascoe, Department of Sociology

Gender, Masculinity, Bullying, LGBT

Ellen Peters, School of Journalism and Communication

Science Communication, Judgment and Decision-Making, Numeracy, Affect and Emotion, Adult Aging

Jerry Rosiek, College of Education

Impact of COVID on Public Education and Teaching, Education, School Segregation, Institutional Racism in Schools, Teacher Education, Limitations of Testing and Big Data Approaches to School Reform, Qualitative Research Methodology

Jennifer Ruef, College of Education

Learning and Teaching Mathematics

Kathleen Scalise, College of Education

Assessments in Science and Mathematics Education

Josh Snodgrass, Department of Anthropology

Epidemiology, Infectious Disease Ecology, Immunology, Disease Diagnostics, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Evolution, Human Biology, Global Health, Environmental Stress, Minimally Invasive Diagnostics, Aging

McKay Sohlberg, College of Education

Concussions, Brain Injury, Communication Disorders, Early Intervention

Jeffrey Sprague, College of Education

School Violence, School Safety, Crime Prevention, Juvenile Delinquency, Behavior Disorders

Emily Tanner-Smith, College of Education

Substance Use and Addiction, Interventions, Statistics, Youth Mental Health, Youth Behavioral Health

Jeffrey Todahl, College of Education

Child Abuse, Neglect, Abuse Prevention, Couples and Family Therapy

Roger Thompson, Student Services and Enrollment Management

Student Enrollment Management in Higher Education, College Choice, Student Persistence and Success, Affordability Issues in Higher Education

Sylvia Thompson, College of Education

Special Education, English Language Learners, Learning Disabilities

Ilana Umansky, College of Education

Education Policy, Bilingual Education, Bilingual Students, Immigrant Students

Tim Williams, History, Robert D. Clark Honors College

U.S. History, American South, Slavery, History of Education