For Faculty and Staff


Feel free to let us know if you’ve been contacted by the media as part of your job at the university. You may refer journalists directly to our office. We are happy to work with you on the best way to handle media queries. Not only that, we can track results of your contact with the media, such as newspaper and magazine clippings. Always feel free to call us, 541-346-3134, should you have any questions.


In addition, Media Relations staffers can help you publicize your research (or event, book publication, award, appointment, grant receipt, student achievement, etc.) in several ways. We can counsel you on strategies and tactics that best suit your needs. Depending on your situation, we might:

  • Work to obtain media coverage through what you, along with the professionals in our office, deem the best option. It could be a news release, a news conference or an exclusive placement with a journalist.
  • Prepare op-ed pieces for publication in local, regional, or national newspapers and magazines.
  • Write stories for internal publications such as Inside Oregon. We also can assist you in working to place your story in other campus publications.
  • Obtain images to illustrate your story.


Professionals in Media Relations are here to help you prepare news releases, if a news release is the best way to produce results you desire. We encourage you to contact us at 541-346-3134 or to write us at for a news release template. Once your draft release is completed, the Media Relations team takes responsibility for editing and distributing it, as required by university policy.

In addition, Media Relations staff can help you write op-ed pieces when we agree that such a piece is the best way to get your message across. We also can attempt to place them with news organizations. Pieces that provide strong, articulate viewpoints and calls to action have better chances of being published. Each publication has its own guidelines, but generally op-eds of 600 words or less are more likely to be published.