For Faculty and Staff


If you are contacted by the media as part of your work at the university, we are available to help provide support and counsel. We are happy to work with you on the best way to handle media queries. You may refer a journalist requesting information or an interview directly to our office and we will handle their inquiry. We offer media training, prep for interviews and counsel on writing and placing opinion pieces. Not only that, we can track results of your contact with the media, such as newspaper and magazine mentions. Email Molly Blancett should you have any questions.


Media Relations staff can help you publicize your research or creative works in several ways. We counsel on strategies and tactics that best suit your goals. Depending on your situation, we might:

  • Work with you to determine best options for obtaining media coverage. It could be writing an article for The Conversation.
  • Write stories for UO publications such as Around the O, Oregon Quarterly or Inside Oregon and pitching these stories to local media.
  • Obtain images to illustrate your story.

The Conversation


The Conversation is a nonprofit, independent source of news and views written exclusively by the academic and research community. All the articles it publishes online are also distributed via Associated Press to media outlets around the globe, which have the option to republish them exactly as they’ve been written.

In 2020, articles published by The Conversation were read by over 203 million readers.

The Conversation is regularly republished in national outlets such as:

  • The Washington Post
  • Time
  • Newsweek
  • CNN
  • Scientific American 

Through partnerships with The Associated Press and Community Newspaper Holdings Inc., articles are picked up in local newspapers — providing analysis in communities that would not otherwise hear from these academics.

By writing, academics can reach audiences in publications locally, nationally and internationally.

What does The Conversation look for in an article?

The Conversation reacts to news with expert analysis and helps set the news agenda with ideas originating in academia. Editors consider four things in a pitch:

  • Is it of interest to a general audience? 
  • Is the idea timely?
  • Is the academic an expert in what they are writing about?
  • Can the academic cover the topic in 1,000 words or fewer?

Visit Around the O In the News to read The Conversation articles by our faculty, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students.

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