Artificial Intelligence Experts

University of Oregon researchers can provide expertise for stories on AI. 

To talk to an AI expert, email Molly Blancett

Ramón Alvarado, Department of Philosophy

Philosophy of Computation and Science, Data Ethics, Artificial Intelligence, AI Ethics, Data Science, Philosophy of Technology

Donna Davis, School of Journalism and Communication

Web3, Online Communities, Virtual Environments, Digital Identity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Health Communication, Media and Disabilities, Strategic Communication, Technology and Media

Colin Koopman, Department of Philosophy

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Politics, Ethics, History, Information, Surveillance, Privacy

Seth Lewis, School of Journalism and Communication

Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Media Innovation, Emerging Technologies, Technology and Society, Digital Culture, Robot Journalism, Big Data, Algorithms

Damian Radcliffe, School of Journalism and Communication

AI and Journalism, Generative AI, Social Media, News Media Trends, Community Journalism, Media Policy, Hyperlocal