Ramón Alvarado, Department of Philosophy

Ramon Alvarado, Department of Philosophy

Ramón Alvarado

Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Data Science Initiative
Data Ethics Coordinator/Colloquium Committee Chair
Practice Areas: Philosophy of Computation and Science, Data Ethics, Artificial Intelligence, AI Ethics, Data Science, Philosophy of Technology

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Ramón Alvarado studies the implications of the use of computer technologies such as computer simulations, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other data science methods in science and society. His expertise lies at the intersection of philosophy of technology, philosophy of science, and ethics. His most recent publications have focused on issues related to trust in artificial intelligence, injustice and bias in data science, and the reliability of computer simulations in science. His work has been published in influential philosophy and multidisciplinary journals such as bioethics, artificial intelligence and ethics, big data and society, synthese, minds and machines, and foundations of science.

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