University of Oregon Experts

University of Oregon researchers can offer expertise on a wide range of topics. 

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Jesse Abdenour, School of Journalism and Communication

Journalism Studies, News Quality, News Audiences, Documentary Filmmaking, Copyright Law

Jennifer Ablow, Department of Psychology

Prenatal and Postnatal Stress, Prenatal and Maternal Mental Health, Intergenerational Transmission of Well-Being, Attachment Relationships, Social Determinants of Health, Parent-Infant Prevention and Intervention

Sarah Adams-Schoen, School of Law

Land Use Law, Climate Change Law and Policy, Coastal Resilience, Planning and Zoning in the Coastal Zone, Climate Hazard Mitigation, Ocean and Coastal Law, Wildfire Planning, Sustainable Development, State and Local Government Law

Angela Addae, School of Law

Race and the Law, Civil Rights, Social Entrepreneurship, Minority Entrepreneurship

Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Division of Equity and Inclusion

Political Behavior, Racial and Ethnic Politics, American Politics, Immigration (with an emphasis on West African immigrants)

Nicholas Allen, Department of Psychology

Adolescent Mental Health, Digital Mental Health, Mood Disorders, Sleep, Developmental Social and Affective Neuroscience, Family Processes, Assessment and Intervention, Prevention Research, Metaverse

Ramón Alvarado, Department of Philosophy

Philosophy of Computation and Science, Data Ethics, Artificial Intelligence, AI Ethics, Data Science, Philosophy of Technology

Adell Amos, School of Law Environmental & Natural Resources Program

Drought, Environment, Natural Resources, Wilderness, Conservation, EPA, Policy, Law

Howard Arnett, School of Law

American Indian Law, Tribal Law, Comparative Law of Indigenous Peoples, International Law of Indigenous Peoples

Steven Beda, Department of History

Labor History, Environmental History, 20th Century US History, Pacific Northwest Timber Industry, History of Forestry, History of Rural Politics and Rural Protest Movements

Elliot Berkman, Department of Psychology

Mental Health, Addiction, Self-Control, Obesity, Goals, Smoking Cessation

Gina Biancarosa, College of Education

Reading Development, Reading Assessment and Measurement, Reading Comprehension Difficulties

Ilya Bindeman, Department of Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences, Volcanology, Isotope Geochemistry, Early Earth Studies

Brendan Bohannan, Department of Biology

Climate Change, Microbiology, Health, Sustainability

Jack Boss, School of Music and Dance

Music Theory and Analysis, Composition

Jim Brau, Department of Physics

Particle Physics, Astronomy, Large Hadron Collider

Jim Brooks, Student Aid and Scholarships

Tuition, Student Loans, Debt, Financial Aid

Anne Brown, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Equity, Transportation, Innovative Mobility, Travel Behavior, Finance

Kirby Brown, Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies

Native American and Indigenous Literary and Cultural Studies, Race, Ethnicity, Indigeneity, Cultural Studies, Modernism Studies

Tiffany Brown, College of Education

Marriage and Family Therapy, Addiction, Recovery, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Self-harm (Non-Suicidal Self-Injury), Addiction on College Campuses, Grief

Elizabeth Budd, College of Education

Public Health, Chronic Disease Prevention, Health Promotion, Physical Activity, Healthy Eating

Marcilynn A. Burke, School of Law

Natural Resources Law, Property Law, Takings, Eminent Domain, Ballot Initiatives, Legal Education, Admissions, and Bar Examinations

Damien Callahan, Department of Human Physiology

Human Physiology, Human Performance, Aging, Female Athletes, Mobility, Injury Recovery, Knee Replacements

Melynda Casement, Department of Psychology

Sleep, Mental Illness, Mental Health, Adolescent Mental Health, Depression, Insomnia

Mark Carey, Environmental Studies Program, Department of Geography

Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Glaciers, Environmental History, Water Management 

Christopher Chávez, School of Journalism and Communication

Popular Culture, Television, Advertising Trends, Race and Ethnicity

Charise Cheney, Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies

African American, Black, Pop Culture, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Rap, Music, Politics, Activism

Hank Childs, Department of Computer Science

Scientific Visualization, High Performance Computing

Dane Christensen, Lundquist College of Business

Corporate Misconduct, Corporate Social Responsibility, Political Economy

Camille Cioffi, Prevention Science Institute

Parenting, Substance Use Disorders, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Loss, Community-Based Interventions 

Ben Clarke, College of Education

Early Childhood Education, Common Core, Learning Disabilities, Teaching Mathematics

Benjamin Clark, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Decision Making on Wildfires, Public Budgeting and Finance, Public Management, Public Administration, Crowdsourcing, Autonomous Vehicles

David T. Conley, College of Education

College Readiness, Common Core, College and High School Course Content Analysis, High School-College Alignment and Transition, Large-Scale Diagnosis and Assessment of College Readiness, No Child Left Behind

Amanda Cook, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Organic Chemistry, Materials Science, Surface Chemistry

Sarah Cooley, Department of Geography

Hydrology, Climate Change, the Arctic, Water Resources, Satellites, Earth Observation, Glaciology, Data Science, Science Communication

T. Bettina Cornwell, Department of Marketing

Marketing, Advertising, Sponsorship, Consumer Behavior, Sports Marketing, Olympics

Michael Coughlan, Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Long term human-environment interactions, Historical Ecology of Landscapes, Cultural and Traditional Fire Use, Forest and Fire Management, Landscape Conservation, Societal responses to Wildfires and Wildfire Smoke

Courtney Cox, Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies

Wearable Technology, Identity and Representation in Sports Media, Labor and Sport, Advanced Analytics, Globalization and Sport, Gender and Sport

Bill Cresko, Department of Biology

Genetics, Ecology and Evolution, Cell and Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology

Jessica Cronce, College of Education

Substance Abuse, Substance Abuse Prevention, At-Risk Behaviors Among College Students

Lauren M. Cycyk, College of Education

Bilingual Language Development, Bilingual Education, Special Education, Communication Disorders

Nicole Dahmen, School of Journalism and Communication

Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Social Media, Photojournalism, Commemorative Journalism, News Design, Publication Design, Visual Ethics, Visual Identity, Iconic Photographs, Media Technology, Eye-tracking

Paul Dalton, Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

3D Printing, Micro-3D Printing, Biofabrication, Biomaterials, Melt Electrowriting, Advanced Manufacturing, Scaffold Design, Hybrid Fabrication

Don Daniels, Department of Linguistics

Linguistics, Papua New Guinea

Donna Davis, School of Journalism and Communication

Web3, Online Communities, Virtual Environments, Digital Identity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Health Communication, Media and Disabilities, Strategic Communication, Technology and Media

Edward Davis, Department of Earth Sciences, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Mass Extinction, Evolution of Large Mammals, Paleontology, Climate Change, Conservation Biology

Jonathan Davis, Department of Economics

Crime, Inequality, Labor Markets, Social Policy

Andrew DeVigal, School of Journalism and Communication

Consumer Behavior, Health Care, Social Media, Trends, Journalism

Chris Doe, Department of Biology, Institute of Neuroscience

Cell and Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Behavior

Alexandre Dossin, School of Music and Dance

Music, Music Education, Performance, Piano, Power of Music

Greg Dotson, School of Law

Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Energy Law, Climate Change Law and Policy, Congress, Legislative Process

Hans Dreyer, Department of Human Physiology

Muscle Physiology, Metabolism, Physical Rehabilitation

Yoav Dubinsky, Lundquist College of Business

Sports Marketing, Sports, Olympic Games, Country Image, Sportswashing, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, Sports Communications, International Sports, Sports and Society

Josef Dufek, Department of Earth Sciences

Volcanology, Fluid Dynamics, Granular and Turbulent Flows, Planetary Interiors and Surface Processes

Ramakrishnan (Ram) Durairajan, Department of Computer Science

Cybersecurity, Computer Networking, Multi-Cloud Computing, Internet Data Science, Programmable Optics,

Lillian Durán, College of Education

Bilingual Education, Early Childhood Education, Literacy, Educational Policy, Special Education, Dual Language Learners

Tim Duy, Department of Economics

Federal Reserve, Currency, Markets, Unemployment

Judith Eisen, Department of Biology

Nervous System Development, STEM Education, Science Literacy, Science Communication

Ruth Ellingsen, Department of Psychology

Mindfulness, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Mental Illness, Psychotherapy, Psychological Assessment, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ihab Elzeyadi, School of Architecture & Environment

Architecture, Design and Health, Sustainable Design, Indoor Environmental Quality, Occupant’s Productivity and Well-Being

Clare Evans, Department of Sociology

Global Health, Social Epidemiology, Medical Sociology, Health Inequalities, Statistical Analysis, Intersectional Inequalities

Michael Fakhri, School of Law

Food, Farming, Food Policy, Environment, International Law

Ben Farr, Department of Physics

Physics, LIGO-Virgo Collaboration, Gravitational Waves

Caitlin Fausey, Department of Psychology

Early Development, Cognitive Development, Emergence of Language and Vision in Infants

Tara Fickle, Department of English

Asian American Literature, History, and Culture, Chinese Americans, US-China Cultural/Social Relations, Race and Identity Politics, Comics, Gaming (including Mobile Games, Video Games, Board Games, and Gambling), Digital Humanities/Electronic Literature

Carolyn Fish, Department of Geography

Cartography, Map Design, Climate Change Communication, GIS

Phil Fisher, Department of Psychology

Child Abuse, Foster Care, Early Childhood Adversity, Stress Neurobiology, Neglect, Attachment Disorder, Child Welfare Policy

Scott Fisher, Department of Physics

Environment, NASA, Space, Astronomy, STEM, Eclipse, Science Communication, Science Literacy

Scott Fitzpatrick, Department of Anthropology

Archaeology of Islands and Coastal Regions, Historical Ecology, Seafaring Technologies

David Frank, Rhetoric, Robert D. Clark Honors College

Rhetoric, Political Speeches, Debate, Public Address, Critical Reasoning, Forensics, Barack Obama, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Alisa Freedman, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Modern Japanese Literature, Popular Culture, Youth Culture, Visual Media, Digital Culture, Urban Studies, and Gender

Mark Fretz, Institute for Health in the Built Environment

Mass Timber, Built Environment, Healthy and Affordable Housing, Indoor Microbiome

Jennifer Freyd, Department of Psychology

Campus Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence, Minority Discrimination, Physical and Mental Health, Betrayal Trauma, Institutional Betrayal, DARVO

Dennis Galvan, Division of Global Engagement

International Development, Developing Countries, Poverty, Global Inequality, Westernization, West Africa, Indonesia, Islam, Ethnic Conflict, Nation Building, Democratization

David Garcia, Department of Biology

Molecular Biology and Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology

Diana Garvin, Department of Romance Languages

Fascism, Neo-Fascism, Food and Politics, Gender and Sexuality Under Far-Right Regimes, Reproductive Health Care, Abortion Rights, Italian Politics

Alison Gash, Department of Political Science

US Courts, Gender, Race, Sexuality, Same-Sex Marriage, Constitutional Rights, Public Policy, Supreme Court

Daniel Gavin, Department of Geography

Climate Change, Wildfires, Drought

Mark Gillem, School of Architecture & Environment

Brownfields, Urban Sprawl, Urban Design, Sustainable Urbanism, Urban Planning

Erik Girvan, School of Law

Civil Litigation, Conflict and Dispute Resolution/ADR, Law and Psychology, Stereotyping, Prejudice, Discrimination, Anti-Discrimination Law, Quantitative Research

Nicole Giuliani, College of Education

Self-Regulation, Obesity Prevention, Health Behaviors, Family Dynamics, Emotions, Neuroimaging

Tim Gleason, School of Journalism and Communication

Communication Ethics, Journalism Ethics, Communication Law, News Editorial

Joanna Goode, College of Education

STEM, Computer Science, Equity, Access and Inclusion in Education

Joshua Gordon, Lundquist College of Business

Negotiation, Strategy, Sports Law, Sports Conflict, Mediation, Arbitration, Crisis Management, Sports Branding and Storytelling

Melissa Graboyes, Department of History

Infectious and Epidemic Diseases, Medical History, Global Health, History of Science, Colonial and Postcolonial African History

Sean Grant, College of Education

Science Policy, Substance Use, Evidence-Based Practice, Open Science

Ian Greenhouse, Department of Human Physiology

Neuroscience, Neuroimaging Motor Control, Brain Stimulation

Karen Guillemin, Department of Biology

Microbiology, Microbiome Science, Cell and Developmental Biology, Host-Microbe Systems

Wendy Hadley, College of Education

Adolescent Risk Behaviors, Substance Abuse Prevention, Sexual Risk Behaviors, Adolescent Weight Management

Mike Hahn, Department of Human Physiology

Biomechanics, Neuromechanics, Sports Science, Human Locomotion, Stress Fracture Prevention, Fall Prevention, Prosthetics Engineering

John Halliwill, Department of Human Physiology

Exercise and Environmental Physiology, Cardiovascular Physiology

Benjamin Hansen, Department of Economics

Marijuana, Suicide, Law Enforcement, Risky Behavior

Beth Harn, College of Education

Special Education, School Psychology, Learning Disabilities, Educational Assessment, Academic Interventions, Literacy

Annelise Heinz, Department of History

Histories of US Women and Gender, Sexuality and LGBTQ History, Race and Ethnicity, Consumerism, Transpacific History

Conor Henderson, Lundquist College of Business

Marketing, Customer Loyalty, Sports Marketing, Digital Marketing

Christopher Hendon, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Computational Materials Chemistry, Catalysis, Energy Conversion, Porous Materials, Coffee

Michele Henney, Department of Accounting

Accounting, Taxation, New Business, Entrepreneurial Accounting, Corporate Governance

Claire Herbert, Department of Sociology

Homelessness, Housing, Urban Sociology, Crime/Law, Property, Race, Colonialism

Ellen Herman, Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics

Families, Gender, Psychology, Adoption, Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jocelyn Hollander, Department of Sociology

Women’s Self-Defense Training, Prevention of Violence Against Women, Interactional Approaches to Gender, Pedagogy

Emilie Hooft, Department of Earth Sciences

Marine Geophysics, Mid-Ocean Ridges, Oceanic Hotspots

Samantha Hopkins, Department of Earth Sciences, Robert D. Clark Honors College

Mass Extinction, Paleontology, Climate Change, Evolution

Ocean Howell, Department of History

Urban Planning, Design and Architecture, Urban History, History of Race, Gentrification, Defensive Architecture, Planning Debates, Youth Culture

Heidi Huber-Stearns, Institute for Resilient Organizations, Communities, and Environments

Wildfire Risk Reduction, Smoke Communication and Response, Wildland Fire Policy, Prescribed Fire Policy and Management, Environmental Governance, Natural Resource Policy

James Hutchison, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Energy, Solar Power, Products, Environment, Green Chemistry, Nanoscience

Renee Irvin, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, Wealth Distribution and Policy, Economics of the Nonprofit Sector

Chandler James, Department of Political Science

American Politics, U.S. Presidency, Public Opinion

Bart Johnson, Department of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture, Conservation, Wildfires, Climate Change

Darren Johnson, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Water, Rare Earths, Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Waste, Green Chemistry

David Johnson, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

STEM, Nanotechnology, Technology, Sustainable Materials

Leigh Johnson, Department of Geography

Disasters, Climate Change and Environmental Risk, Development Studies, Political Ecology, Global Development, Green Climate finance, Loss Mitigation

James Johnston, Institute for Resilient Organizations, Communities, and Environments

Fire Ecology, Environmental Law and Policy, Restoration Forestry, Dendroecology, Collaborative Governance

Andy Karduna, Department of Human Physiology

Biomechanics, Shoulder Injuries, Science Education, Science Communication

Leif Karlstrom, Department of Earth Sciences

Volcanoes, Glaciers, Surface Processes, Fluid Mechanics, Geodynamics

Christina Karns, Department of Psychology

Neuroscience, Self-Regulation, Gratitude, Neuroplasticity, Parenting

Ken Kato, Campus GIS and Mapping Program

Mapping, Transportation, Technology, Apps, Geographic Information Systems, GIS, Smart Cities

Craig Kauffman, Department of Political Science

Environmental Politics, Climate Change Policy, Sustainable Development, Environmental Law, Ecological Economics, Indigenous Environmental Law and Practices, Transnational Networks, Collaborative Governance of Forest and Watershed Ecosystems

Vera Keller, Department of History

History of Science, Modern Europe, History of Technology

Nichole Kelly, College of Education

Obesity, Eating Behaviors, Self-Regulation, Clinical Intervention and Prevention

Patrick Kennedy, Center on Teaching and Learning

Learning Disabilities, Reading Comprehension, DIBELS, Literacy

Paul Kempler, Oregon Center for Electrochemistry

Electrochemistry, Hydrogen, Energy Storage, Decarbonization

Andrew Kern, Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Population Genetics, Genomics, Evolution, Machine Learning, Computational Biology

Charles “Chuck” Kimmel, Department of Biology

Cell and Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Neuroscience, Behavior

Yekang Ko, College of Design

Climate Change, Sustainability, Urban Design, Urban Sustainability, Green Infrastructure, Climate Change Action, Climate Justice, Energy Landscapes, Climate Change Adaptation

Colin Koopman, Department of Philosophy

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Politics, Ethics, History, Information, Surveillance, Privacy

Alison Kwok, School of Architecture & Environment

Design, Architecture, Sustainable Design, Building Resilience, Thermal Comfort, Natural Ventilation, Building Performance, Zero Net Energy Strategies, Climate Change

Nico Larco, School of Architecture & Environment

Sustainability, Urban Design, Automated Vehicles (AVs), Architecture, Green Cities, Urban Growth, Walkability, Livability

Patricia Lambert, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Arts in Healthcare, Arts Management, Cultural Policy 

Lauren Lanahan, Lundquist College of Business

High-Tech Ventures, Research and Development, Institutions, Public Policy

Peter Laufer, School of Journalism and Communication

Conflict Zones, Ethics, Organic Food, Borders, Private Zoos, Exotic Animals

Regina Lawrence, Agora Journalism Center

Civic Engagement, Voting Behavior, Political Communication, Journalism Innovation

André Le Duc, Safety and Risk Services

Organizational Resilience, Emergency Management, Higher Education Emergency Preparedness, Higher Education Planning, Business Continuity, Environmental Health and Safety, Enterprise Risk Management

Leslie Leve, College of Education

Adoption, Foster Care, Child Abuse, Interventions, Juvenile Justice System, Teen Girls

Rebecca Lewis, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Land Use Policy, Growth Management, Housing Affordability in Rural Areas, Transportation Planning and Finance, Urban Form, City Planning

Seth Lewis, School of Journalism and Communication

Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Media Innovation, Emerging Technologies, Technology and Society, Digital Culture, Robot Journalism, Big Data, Algorithms

Yingjiu Li, Department of Computer Science

Cybersecurity, Data Security, Privacy in the “Internet of Things,” Mobile and System Security, Applied Cryptography and Cloud Security, Data Application Security and Privacy

David Liebowitz, College of Education

Education Inequality, School Leadership, Teacher Evaluation, School Improvement, Education Policy Analysis

Nick Light, Lundquist College of Business

Consumers’ perceptions of simplicity and complexity; the public’s understanding of science, knowledge, information and uncertainty

Nathan Lillegard, Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship

Start-Up, New Business, Entrepreneurship

Susanna Soojung Lim, Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, Korean Studies

Korean Studies and Literature, K-Pop, Russian Literature and Culture, South Korean Society (Gender, Race, Nationalism)

Sylvia Linan-Thompson, College of Education

Special Education, English Language Learners, Learning Disabilities

Deanna Linville, College of Education

Eating Disorder Prevention and Recovery, Reduction of Health Disparities, Family Wellness, Integrated Healthcare/Medical Family Therapy

Krystale Littlejohn, Department of Sociology

Fertility, Contraception and Sexual Behavior, Inequality (Race, Gender, Class), Health and Medicine, Mixed-Methods Research

Chris Liu, Lundquist College of Business

Entrepreneurship, Scientists, Social Influence, Social Networks, Innovation

Amy Lobben, Department of Geography

Geographic Information Science, Human-Environmental Interaction, Spatial Decision Making, Neurogeograhpy, GeoSpatial Cognition and Thinking

Andrew Lovering, Department of Human Physiology

Cardiopulmonary, Respiratory and Environmental Physiology

Daniel Lowd, Department of Computer Science

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Joseph Lowndes, Department of Political Science

Conservatism, Republicans, Race, Tea Party, Social Movements, Elections

Audrey Lucero, College of Education

Literacy Development, Dual Language Immersion Programs, Bilingualism and Biliteracy, Achievement Gaps

Ed Madison, School of Journalism and Communication

Journalism, Media, Political Journalism

Stephanie Majewski, Department of Physics

High Energy Physics, ATLAS Experiment, Dark Matter, Supersymmetry, Large Hadron Collider

Mohsen Manesh, School of Law

Corporate, Contract and LLC Law

Roberta Mann, School of Law

Tax Law, Business Law

Rich Margerum, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Environmental Planning, Environmental Management, Land-Use Issues, Collaborative Governance, Conflict Resolution

Ernesto Javier Martínez, Department of Ethnic Studies

Queer Ethnic Studies, US Latinx Literature and Culture, Feminist Theory

Gabriela Martinez, School of Journalism and Communication

International Communication, Political Economy of Communication, Telecommunication, Human Rights, Collective Memory and the Media, Latin America, Immigration

Kelli Matthews, Public Relations Program

Social Media, Brands, Crisis Management, Athletes

Ulrich Mayr, Department of Psychology

Multitasking, Brain Training, Altruism, Aging and Cognitive Functioning, Eye Witness Memory, Concussions, ADHD, Gender Differences in Competitiveness

Luca Mazzucato, Department of Biology

Computational Neuroscience, Machine Learning

Kent McIntosh, College of Education

School Violence, Bullying, School Discipline, Problem Behavior, Equity, Racial and Ethnic Equity in Education

Laura Lee McIntyre, College of Education

Mental Health, Autism, Obesity, Children, Youth, Teens, ADHD, Families

Stephen McKeon, Department of Finance

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Corporate Finance, Security Issuance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, CEO Risk-Taking

Benedict McWhirter, College of Education

Adolescent Risky Behavior, Prevention, Intervention, First-Generation College Students

Jeffrey Measelle, Department of Psychology

Developmental Stress Biology, Caregiving Support for Early Brain Development, Pediatric Global Health

Diego Melgar, Department of Earth Sciences

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Seismology, Early Warning Systems

Gwynne Mhuireach, Institute for Health in the Built Environment

Microbiome, Urban Planning, Green Space, Natural Building Materials, Agriculture

Leah Middlebrook, Department of Comparative Literature

Early Modern Literature of Spain, France and England

Isabel Millán, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Queer, Transnational Feminist, and Critical Race Theories; Latinx/Chicanx Studies; Children's Literature, Television, and Film; Comics; Science Fiction and Fantasy

Chris Minson, Department of Human Physiology

Exercise Physiology, Women’s Health, Heart Health and Thermoregulation

Ronald Mitchell, Department of Political Science

Environmental Politics, International Relations

Juan-Carlos Molleda, School of Journalism and Communication

Public Relations, International Business, Global Corporate Public Relations Management

Kate Mondloch, Department of the History of Art and Architecture

Media Art and Theory, Installation Art, Feminism, New Media, Science and Technology Studies, Digital Humanities

Erin Moore, School of Architecture & Environment

Architecture, Sustainability in Architecture

Nicolae Morar, Department of Philosophy

Bioethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Clinical Ethics

Alex Murray, Lundquist College of Business

Entrepreneurship, Venture Finance, Crowdfunding, Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain, Decentralization, Governance, Organizational Design

Chris Murray, College of Education

Special Education, Diversity and Special Education, At-Risk Youth, Transition Issues, Teacher-Student Relationships

James Murray, Institute of Neuroscience

Learning, Motor Control, Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience

Andrew Nelson, Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Management, Technology, Information Technology, Green Chemistry, Biotechnology

Rhonda Nese, College of Education

School Discipline, Bullying and Harassment Prevention, Alternatives to Exclusionary Discipline, Impact of Implicit Biases on Racial Disproportionality in School Discipline

Nicole Ngo, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Public Health, Impact of Climate Change on Health, Air Pollution, Environmental Policy, Urban Sustainability

Cris Niell, Department of Biology

Neuroscience, Childhood Development, Autism, Schizophrenia

Drew Nobile, School of Music and Dance

Rock Music, Pop Music, Music Theory, Beethoven

Sarah E. Nutter, Lundquist College of Business

Accounting and Taxation, Impact of Taxes and Tax Structures on Individuals and Businesses, Executive Education, Strategic Leadership, Business School Accreditation

Neil O’Brian, Department of Political Science

U.S. Politics, Political Parties, Congress, Public Opinion, Polarization

Alayna Park, Department of Psychology

Youth Mental Behavioral Health, Evidence-Based Psychotherapies, Mental Health Literacy, Mental Health Disparities

Craig Parsons, Department of Political Science

European Union, French and British Politics, Brexit, European Refugee Crisis, Debt Crisis

CJ Pascoe, Department of Sociology

Gender, Masculinity, Bullying, LGBTQ

Sharon J. Paul, School of Music and Dance

Choral Conducting, Choral Music History, Choirs, Choral Singing, Score Study

Jayson Paulose, Department of Physics

Soft-matter physics, artificial materials

Priscilla Peña Ovalle, Department of Cinema Studies

Cinema Studies, Pop Culture, Race and Gender in Film

Gabriela Pérez Báez, Department of Linguistics

Indigenous Languages, Language Revitalization

Ellen Peters, School of Journalism and Communication

Science Communication, Judgment and Decision-Making, Numeracy, Affect and Emotion, Adult Aging

Lisa Peyton, School of Journalism and Communication

Immersive Media and Communications, Social Media Strategy, Strategic Communications and Digital PR

Jennifer Pfeifer, Department of Psychology

Adolescence, Socioemotional Development, Brain Development, Puberty, Mental Health

Patrick Phillips, Department of Biology

Evolutionary Genetics, Biology of Aging, Molecular Biology, Genetics

Whitney Phillips, School of Journalism and Communication

Political Communication, Digital Cultures, Media Ecologies, Media Ethics, Online Ethics, Rightwing Media Cultures, Moral Panics, Conspiratorial Belief, Narrative and Identity

Daniel Pimentel, School of Journalism and Communication

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Spatial Computing

Calin Plesa, Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Protein Engineering, Gene Synthesis, Biosensing, Synthetic Metagenomics, Antibiotic Resistance, Sequence-Function Relationships, Multiplex Functional Assays, Histidine Kinases

Mike Pluth, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Synthetic Chemistry, Bioorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology

Lauren Ponisio, Department of Biology

Ecology, Conservation, Pollinators, Data Science, Food Studies, Bees

Behrooz Pourghannad, Lundquist College of Business

Business Analytics, Healthcare, Business Model Innovation, Supply Chain Management

Ken Prehoda, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Molecular Biology, Molecular Evolution

Ofer Raban, School of Law

Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Judicial Philosophy

Damian Radcliffe, School of Journalism and Communication

AI and Journalism, Generative AI, Social Media, News Media Trends, Community Journalism, Media Policy, Hyperlocal

Judith Raiskin, Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

LGBTQ Studies, Disability Studies, Postcolonial Literature

Michael Raymer, Department of Physics

Quantum Information, Quantum Optics, Optical Physics, Nonlinear Optics

Eleonora Redaelli, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Cultural Policy, American Cities, Arts Management, Creative Placemaking, Theories of Place, Participation

Alexandra Rempel, Environmental Studies Program

Passive Heating, Passive Cooling, Ventilation of Buildings, Building Science, Natural Ventilation

Greg Retallack, Department of Earth Sciences

Global Climate Change, Mass Extinctions, Major Evolutionary Transitions, Ancient Mars Environments, the Origin of Life

Jennifer Reynolds, School of Law

Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Negotiation, Mediation

Geri Richmond, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Water and Water Resources, Environmental Sustainability, Global Science Engagement with the Developing World, STEM Education and Policy, Women in STEM

Siobhan Rockcastle, School of Architecture & Environment

Lighting, Occupant Health, Space Perception, Environmental Dynamics

Josh Roering, Department of Earth Sciences

Landslides, Geomorphology, Erosion

Jerry Rosiek, College of Education

Impact of COVID on Public Education and Teaching, Education, School Segregation, Institutional Racism in Schools, Teacher Education, Limitations of Testing and Big Data Approaches to School Reform, Qualitative Research Methodology

Jennifer Ruef, College of Education

Learning and Teaching Mathematics

Valerie Sahakian, Department of Earth Sciences

Seismic Hazard Assessment, Ground Motion Seismology , Active Tectonics, Marine Geophysics

Gerard Sandoval, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Immigration, Urban Planning, Undocumented Workers, Immigrant Neighborhoods, Transportation Planning

Ben Saunders, Department of English; Comic and Cartoon Studies

Comic Studies, Pop Culture, English Literature

Philip Scher, Department of Anthropology

Folklore, Pop Culture, World Heritage and Heritage Sites, Popular Music, Cultural Identity, Ethnicity

Marc Schlossberg, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Biking, Transportation, City Planning, Community Development, Environment

Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, Sports Product Management Program

Sports Product Industry, Product Marketing, Product Development, Manufacturing, Women in Sports

John Seeley, College of Education

Mental Health, Behavioral Health Intervention, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Suicide Prevention, Substance Abuse Prevention

Judith Sheine, School of Architecture & Environment

Mass Timber Design, Southern California 20th Century Architectural History, Design and Construction Technologies, Housing

Nadia Singh, Department of Biology

Evolutionary Genetics, Population Genetics, Population Genomics, Women in STEM

Elizabeth Skowron, Department of Psychology

Early Childhood Adversity, Parenting, Child and Family Interventions, Child Abuse Prevention

Paul Slovic, Department of Psychology

Human Judgment, Decision Making, Risk Perception

Hollie Smith, School of Journalism and Communication

Natural Hazards Communication, Environmental Communication, Science Communication and Media

Josh Snodgrass, Department of Anthropology

Epidemiology, Infectious Disease Ecology, Immunology, Disease Diagnostics, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Evolution, Human Biology, Global Health, Environmental Stress, Minimally Invasive Diagnostics, Aging

McKay Sohlberg, College of Education

Concussions, Brain Injury, Communication Disorders, Early Intervention

Susan Sokolowski, Department of Product Design

Sports Product Design Innovation, Footwear, Apparel, Equipment, Sizing/Fit Equity

Priscilla Southwell, Department of Political Science

US Politics, Elections, Vote By Mail, European Politics, Oregon Politics, Political Behavior

Jeffrey Sprague, College of Education

School Violence, School Safety, Crime Prevention, Juvenile Delinquency, Behavior Disorders

Amanda Stasiewicz, Environmental Studies Program

Wildfires, Human Dimensions of Wildfire, Community and Organizational Adaptation to Natural Hazards, Cooperative Fire Risk Management, Evacuation and Alternatives to Evacuation, Forest and Rangeland Policy, Qualitative and Quantitative Social Science

Lynn Stephen, Department of Anthropology

Immigration, Asylum, Gendered Violence, DACA, Dreamers

Beth Stormshak, College of Education

School-Based Mental Health, Child Mental Health, Family-Centered Prevention, Interventions With At-Risk Youth and Families

Dave Sutherland, Department of Earth Sciences

Climate Change, Glaciers, Ocean, Global Warming, Environment, Polar Ice Cap, Melting

Kelly Sutherland, Department of Biology

Marine Biology, Biological Oceanography, Plankton, Jellyfish, Biomechanics, Interactions of Marine Organisms with the Fluid Environment, Underwater Propulsion

Nicole Swann, Department of Human Physiology

Neuroscience, Movement Disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Women in Science

Emily Tanner-Smith, College of Education

Substance Use and Addiction, Interventions, Statistics, Youth Mental Health, Youth Behavioral Health

Richard Taylor, Department of Physics

Physics, Neuroscience, Nature and Health, Bioinspiration, Retinal Implants, Psychology, Fractals, Chaos Theory, Jackson Pollock

Roger Thompson, Student Services and Enrollment Management

Student Enrollment Management in Higher Education, College Choice, Student Persistence and Success, Affordability Issues in Higher Education

Daniel Tichenor, Department of Political Science

American Presidency, Immigration, Elections, Politics, President Jimmy Carter, Social Movements, Political Parties

Elizabeth Tippett, School of Law

Employment Law, Behavioral Ethics, Decision Making

Jeffrey Todahl, College of Education

Child Abuse, Neglect, Abuse Prevention, Couples and Family Therapy

Doug Toomey, Department of Earth Sciences

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Environment, Climate Change

Ilana Umansky, College of Education

Education Policy, Bilingual Education, Bilingual Students, Immigrant Students

Janne Underriner, Northwest Indian Language Institute

Language Revitalization, Linguistics

Ashley Walker, Department of Human Physiology

Aging, Artery Health, Alzheimer’s Disease, Healthy Aging, Cardiovascular Health

Zachary Wallmark, School of Music and Dance

Music Perception and Cognition, Popular Music, Music and the Brain, Psychoacoustics, Timbre

Dean Walton, UO Libraries

Biology, Geology, Environmental Studies, Natural History, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Crisis Informatics, STEM

Jo Weaver, Department of Global Studies

Medical Anthropology, Global Health, Mental Health, Race, Homelessness, Chronic Diseases, Food Insecurity, Health Disparities, India, Brazil, USA

Janis Weeks, Department of Biology

Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Neuroplasticity

Merle Weiner, School of Law

Domestic Abuse Law, Family Law, International and Comparative Family Law, Family Law Policy, the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

Julie Weise, Department of History

Race, Immigration, Latino Immigration, Migration, Identity, Immigration Policy

Anita M. Weiss, Department of Global Studies

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Muslim World, Political Islam, Muslim Women’s Rights, International Development

Ray Weldon, Department of Earth Sciences

Earthquakes, Fault Lines, Environment, Tsunami, Tectonic Plate

Julia Widom, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

RNA, Ultrafast and Single-Molecule Spectroscopy

Laura Wellman, Lundquist College of Business

Corporate Political Activism, Political Hedging, Tax Policy

Brad Wilkins, Department of Human Physiology

Human Performance, Exercise, Running

Tim Williams, Department of History

U.S. History, American South, Slavery, History of Education

Ariel Williamson, The Ballmer Institute for Children’s Behavioral Health

Pediatric Sleep Health Inequities, Behavioral Interventions

Daniel Wojcik, Department of English

Apocalyptic and Millennial Beliefs, Folklore, New Religious Movements, Outsider Art, Subcultures, Runners’ Traditions (Pre’s Rock, etc.)

Juan Eduardo Wolf, School of Music and Dance

Latin American Music and Dance, Ethnomusicology, Indigenous Music, Folklore, Immigration, Identity, Race

Woan Foong Wong, Department of Economics

International Trade, Trade Costs, Trade and Transport

Mary Wood, School of Law Environmental & Natural Resources Program

Environment, Climate Change, Youth Climate Change Lawsuit, Native Lands, Atmospheric Trust Litigation

Arafaat Valiani, Department of History

Equity in Biomedicine, History, Ethnography, Medical Ethnography

Priscilla Yamin, Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Marriage, Gender, Women, Politics, Women in Politics, LGBT, Race, Religion, Civil Rights

Kristin Yarris, Department of Global Studies

Global Health, Global Mental Health, Transnational Migration, Latin America, Transnational Families

Jason Younker, Department of Anthropology

Native American, American Indian, Indigenous Americans, Tribal Heritage

Peter Younkin, Lundquist College of Business

Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Cultural Industries

Annie Zemper, Department of Biology

Gut-Brain Connection, Gut Diseases, Genetics, Cell Development, Intestinal Stem Cell Biology

Cengiz Zopluoglu, College of Education

Educational Data Science, Educational Measurement, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Quantitative Methods in Education