Ruth Ellingsen, Department of Psychology

Ruth Ellingsen

Clinical Assistant Professor
Clinic Director
Practice Areas: Mindfulness, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Mental Illness, Psychotherapy, Psychological Assessment, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Faculty bio | (541) 346-4954 

Ruth Ellingsen is an academic expert in evidence-based psychotherapy and psychological assessment. At the University of Oregon, she is a clinical assistant professor of psychology, where she serves as the clinic director for the UO Psychology Clinic. The clinic provides individual therapy for adults, teens and children experiencing many common difficulties, including depression, OCD, social anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, trauma, sleep problems and PTSD. In this role, she provides training and supervision for clinical psychology doctoral students and, as a faculty member in the department, she also teaches graduate and undergraduate psychology. She has been involved in several intervention development and translational research projects, including social skills training for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder, skill-building groups for trauma-exposed children and parents, parent training for military families with young children, and therapy for parents facing early life medical challenges with their infants.
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