Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change Experts

University of Oregon faculty members can provide expertise on environment issues, including sustainability and climate change.

To talk to environment, sustainability and climate change experts, email Molly Blancett blancett@uoregon.edu

Sarah Adams-Schoen, School of Law

Land Use Law, Climate Change Law and Policy, Coastal Resilience, Planning and Zoning in the Coastal Zone, Climate Hazard Mitigation, Ocean and Coastal Law, Wildfire Planning, Sustainable Development, State and Local Government Law

Adell Amos, School of Law Environmental & Natural Resources Program

Drought, Environment, Natural Resources, Wilderness, Conservation, EPA, Policy, Law

Steven Beda, Department of History

Labor History, Environmental History, 20th Century US History, Pacific Northwest Timber Industry, History of Forestry, History of Rural Politics and Rural Protest Movements

Brendan Bohannan, Department of Biology

Climate Change, Microbiology, Health, Sustainability

Anne Brown, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Equity, Transportation, Innovative Mobility, Travel Behavior, Finance

Marcilynn A. Burke, School of Law

Natural Resources Law, Property Law, Takings, Eminent Domain, Ballot Initiatives, Legal Education, Admissions, and Bar Examinations

Mark Carey, Environmental Studies Program, Department of Geography

Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Glaciers, Environmental History, Water Management 

Benjamin Clark, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Decision Making on Wildfires, Public Budgeting and Finance, Public Management, Public Administration, Crowdsourcing, Autonomous Vehicles

Sarah Cooley, Department of Geography

Hydrology, Climate Change, the Arctic, Water Resources, Satellites, Earth Observation, Glaciology, Data Science, Science Communication

Bill Cresko, Department of Biology

Genetics, Ecology and Evolution, Cell and Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology

Edward Davis, Department of Earth Sciences, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Mass Extinction, Evolution of Large Mammals, Paleontology, Climate Change, Conservation Biology

Greg Dotson, School of Law

Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Energy Law, Climate Change Law and Policy, Congress, Legislative Process

Ihab Elzeyadi, School of Architecture & Environment

Architecture, Design and Health, Sustainable Design, Indoor Environmental Quality, Occupant’s Productivity and Well-Being

Michael Fakhri, School of Law

Food, Farming, Food Policy, Environment, International Law

Carolyn Fish, Department of Geography

Cartography, Map Design, Climate Change Communication, GIS

Scott Fisher, Department of Physics

Environment, NASA, Space, Astronomy, STEM, Eclipse, Science Communication, Science Literacy

Scott Fitzpatrick, Department of Anthropology

Archaeology of Islands and Coastal Regions, Historical Ecology, Seafaring Technologies

Daniel Gavin, Department of Geography

Climate Change, Wildfires, Drought

Mark Gillem, School of Architecture & Environment

Brownfields, Urban Sprawl, Urban Design, Sustainable Urbanism, Urban Planning

Christopher Hendon, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Computational Materials Chemistry, Catalysis, Energy Conversion, Porous Materials, Coffee

Emilie Hooft, Department of Earth Sciences

Marine Geophysics, Mid-Ocean Ridges, Oceanic Hotspots

Samantha Hopkins, Department of Earth Sciences, Robert D. Clark Honors College

Mass Extinction, Paleontology, Climate Change, Evolution

James Hutchison, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Energy, Solar Power, Products, Environment, Green Chemistry, Nanoscience

Bart Johnson, Department of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture, Conservation, Wildfires, Climate Change

Darren Johnson, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Water, Rare Earths, Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Waste, Green Chemistry

Leigh Johnson, Department of Geography

Disasters, Climate Change and Environmental Risk, Development Studies, Political Ecology, Global Development, Green Climate finance, Loss Mitigation

Craig Kauffman, Department of Political Science

Environmental Politics, Climate Change Policy, Sustainable Development, Environmental Law, Ecological Economics, Indigenous Environmental Law and Practices, Transnational Networks, Collaborative Governance of Forest and Watershed Ecosystems

Yekang Ko, College of Design

Climate Change, Sustainability, Urban Design, Urban Sustainability, Green Infrastructure, Climate Change Action, Climate Justice, Energy Landscapes, Climate Change Adaptation

Alison Kwok, School of Architecture & Environment

Design, Architecture, Sustainable Design, Building Resilience, Thermal Comfort, Natural Ventilation, Building Performance, Zero Net Energy Strategies, Climate Change

Nico Larco, School of Architecture & Environment

Sustainability, Urban Design, Automated Vehicles (AVs), Architecture, Green Cities, Urban Growth, Walkability, Livability

Rebecca Lewis, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Land Use Policy, Growth Management, Housing Affordability in Rural Areas, Transportation Planning and Finance, Urban Form, City Planning

Rich Margerum, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Environmental Planning, Environmental Management, Land-Use Issues, Collaborative Governance, Conflict Resolution

Diego Melgar, Department of Earth Sciences

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Seismology, Early Warning Systems

Ronald Mitchell, Department of Political Science

Environmental Politics, International Relations

Erin Moore, School of Architecture & Environment

Architecture, Sustainability in Architecture

Andrew Nelson, Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Management, Technology, Information Technology, Green Chemistry, Biotechnology

Nicole Ngo, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Public Health, Impact of Climate Change on Health, Air Pollution, Environmental Policy, Urban Sustainability

Daniel Pimentel, School of Journalism and Communication

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Spatial Computing

Lauren Ponisio, Department of Biology

Ecology, Conservation, Pollinators, Data Science, Food Studies, Bees

Alexandra Rempel, Environmental Studies Program

Passive Heating, Passive Cooling, Ventilation of Buildings, Building Science, Natural Ventilation

Siobhan Rockcastle, School of Architecture & Environment

Lighting, Occupant Health, Space Perception, Environmental Dynamics

Josh Roering, Department of Earth Sciences

Landslides, Geomorphology, Erosion

Valerie Sahakian, Department of Earth Sciences

Seismic Hazard Assessment, Ground Motion Seismology , Active Tectonics, Marine Geophysics

Marc Schlossberg, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Biking, Transportation, City Planning, Community Development, Environment

Judith Sheine, School of Architecture & Environment

Mass Timber Design, Southern California 20th Century Architectural History, Design and Construction Technologies, Housing

Dave Sutherland, Department of Earth Sciences

Climate Change, Glaciers, Ocean, Global Warming, Environment, Polar Ice Cap, Melting

Kelly Sutherland, Department of Biology

Marine Biology, Biological Oceanography, Plankton, Jellyfish, Biomechanics, Interactions of Marine Organisms with the Fluid Environment, Underwater Propulsion

Doug Toomey, Department of Earth Sciences

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Environment, Climate Change

Ray Weldon, Department of Earth Sciences

Earthquakes, Fault Lines, Environment, Tsunami, Tectonic Plate

Mary Wood, School of Law Environmental & Natural Resources Program

Environment, Climate Change, Youth Climate Change Lawsuit, Native Lands, Atmospheric Trust Litigation