Ronald Mitchell, Department of Political Science

Ronald Mitchell

Professor, Political Science, Climate Studies, Environmental Studies
Practice Areas: Environmental Politics, International Relations

Faculty bio | Research website | (541) 346-4880

Ronald Mitchell is an academic expert in international environmental politics and international relations. He conducts research and teaches courses that examine the ability of treaties to get states to reduce climate change and other pollutants, to promote arms control, and to foster free trade. He has investigated the influence of environmental science on international policy and the ability of norms to foster cooperation among countries to solve shared problems. He co-directed a program from 2003-2014 that helped new PhDs working on climate change hone their interdisciplinary skills so that they could better understand the complexities of the natural science and social science of climate change and communicate it effectively to the public. He has published four books and over 40 articles and book chapters and serves on the editorial boards of several top academic journals.

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