Law Experts

University of Oregon researchers can provide expertise on legal issues.

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Sarah Adams-Schoen, School of Law

Land Use Law, Climate Change Law and Policy, Coastal Resilience, Planning and Zoning in the Coastal Zone, Climate Hazard Mitigation, Ocean and Coastal Law, Wildfire Planning, Sustainable Development, State and Local Government Law

Angela Addae, School of Law

Race and the Law, Civil Rights, Social Entrepreneurship, Minority Entrepreneurship

Adell Amos, School of Law Environmental & Natural Resources Program

Drought, Environment, Natural Resources, Wilderness, Conservation, EPA, Policy, Law

Howard Arnett, School of Law

American Indian Law, Tribal Law, Comparative Law of Indigenous Peoples, International Law of Indigenous Peoples

Marcilynn A. Burke, School of Law

Natural Resources Law, Property Law, Takings, Eminent Domain, Ballot Initiatives, Legal Education, Admissions, and Bar Examinations

Greg Dotson, School of Law

Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Energy Law, Climate Change Law and Policy, Congress, Legislative Process

Michael Fakhri, School of Law

Food, Farming, Food Policy, Environment, International Law

Erik Girvan, School of Law

Civil Litigation, Conflict and Dispute Resolution/ADR, Law and Psychology, Stereotyping, Prejudice, Discrimination, Anti-Discrimination Law, Quantitative Research

Joshua Gordon, Lundquist College of Business

Negotiation, Strategy, Sports Law, Sports Conflict, Mediation, Arbitration, Crisis Management, Sports Branding and Storytelling

Mohsen Manesh, School of Law

Corporate, Contract and LLC Law

Roberta Mann, School of Law

Tax Law, Business Law

Ofer Raban, School of Law

Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Judicial Philosophy

Jennifer Reynolds, School of Law

Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Negotiation, Mediation

Elizabeth Tippett, School of Law

Employment Law, Behavioral Ethics, Decision Making

Merle Weiner, School of Law

Domestic Abuse Law, Family Law, International and Comparative Family Law, Family Law Policy, the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction