Mental Health Experts

University of Oregon researchers can provide expertise for stories on mental health. 

To talk to a mental health expert, email Molly Blancett

Jennifer Ablow, Department of Psychology

Prenatal and Postnatal Stress, Prenatal and Maternal Mental Health, Intergenerational Transmission of Well-Being, Attachment Relationships, Social Determinants of Health, Parent-Infant Prevention and Intervention

Nicholas Allen, Department of Psychology

Adolescent Mental Health, Digital Mental Health, Mood Disorders, Sleep, Developmental Social and Affective Neuroscience, Family Processes, Assessment and Intervention, Prevention Research, Metaverse

Elliot Berkman, Department of Psychology

Mental Health, Addiction, Self-Control, Obesity, Goals, Smoking Cessation

Tiffany Brown, College of Education

Marriage and Family Therapy, Addiction, Recovery, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Self-harm (Non-Suicidal Self-Injury), Addiction on College Campuses, Grief

Melynda Casement, Department of Psychology

Sleep, Mental Illness, Mental Health, Adolescent Mental Health, Depression, Insomnia

Jessica Cronce, College of Education

Substance Abuse, Substance Abuse Prevention, At-Risk Behaviors Among College Students

Ruth Ellingsen, Department of Psychology

Mindfulness, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Mental Illness, Psychotherapy, Psychological Assessment, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jennifer Freyd, Department of Psychology

Campus Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence, Minority Discrimination, Physical and Mental Health, Betrayal Trauma, Institutional Betrayal, DARVO

Nichole Kelly, College of Education

Obesity, Eating Behaviors, Self-Regulation, Clinical Intervention and Prevention

Deanna Linville, College of Education

Eating Disorder Prevention and Recovery, Reduction of Health Disparities, Family Wellness, Integrated Healthcare/Medical Family Therapy

Laura Lee McIntyre, College of Education

Mental Health, Autism, Obesity, Children, Youth, Teens, ADHD, Families

Jennifer Pfeifer, Department of Psychology

Adolescence, Socioemotional Development, Brain Development, Puberty, Mental Health

Emily Tanner-Smith, College of Education

Substance Use and Addiction, Interventions, Statistics, Youth Mental Health, Youth Behavioral Health

Ariel Williamson, The Ballmer Institute for Children’s Behavioral Health

Pediatric Sleep Health Inequities, Behavioral Interventions