Dave Sutherland, Department of Earth Sciences

Dave Sutherland, Department of Earth Sciences

David Sutherland

Practice Areas: Climate Change, Glaciers, Ocean, Global Warming, Environment, Polar Ice Cap, Melting

Faculty bioOceans & Ice Lab | (541) 346-8753

David Sutherland is an academic expert in oceanography and the ocean's role in climate change, specifically how the ocean affects ice-covered areas such as Greenland, Antarctica, and the Arctic Ocean. He works closely with the Environmental Science Institute and the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. Dave’s research focuses on coastal oceanography--in the Arctic this means how melting glaciers impact the ocean (and vice versa), while on the Oregon coast, this means how coastal waters affect ecosystem functioning. While he spends his summers in Greenland studying ocean temperatures and glacier behavior, he can also speak to the melting polar ice caps in the Arctic Ocean or other high-latitude ocean processes in places like Patagonian Chile or SE Alaska. 

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