Tara Fickle, Department of English

Tara Fickle, David M. and Nancy L. Petrone Faculty Scholar

Associate Professor
Affiliated Faculty Member in the Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies
Affiliated Faculty Member, Center for the Study of Women in Society
Affiliated Faculty Member, Center for Asian & Pacific Studies
Practice Areas: Asian American Literature, History, and Culture, Chinese Americans, US-China Cultural/Social Relations, Race and Identity Politics, Comics, Gaming (including Mobile Games, Video Games, Board Games, and Gambling), Digital Humanities/Electronic Literature

Faculty bio | Research website

Tara Fickle is an academic expert in Asian American literature, history, and culture, US-China cultural and social relations, American and Asian American comics, cartoons, and graphic novels, mobile games, board games and gambling, digital culture, and digital humanities and electronic literature.

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