Nadia Singh, Department of Biology

Nadia Singh

Associate Professor
Practice Areas: Evolutionary Genetics, Population Genetics, Population Genomics, Women in STEM

Nadia Singh Lab | 541-346-9308

Nadia Singh is an academic expert in evolutionary genetics, population genetics and population genomics. Her lab focuses on the causes of variation in fundamental genetic processes such as mutation and recombination, as well as the consequences of this variation for genome evolution. Nadia runs the SCORE (Students of Color Opportunities in Research Enrichment) program, an academically based, hand-on research class designed for students who are underrepresented in the Natural Sciences. The Singh Lab uses fruit flies as a model system to answer fundamental questions in evolutionary biology. The mission of the Singh Lab is to create and share new knowledge in evolutionary genetics and to cultivate a culture of curiosity and rigorous scientific exploration. Central to our mission is the development and maintenance of a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters interaction and productivity.

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