Brad Wilkins, Department of Human Physiology

Brad Wilkins headshot

Brad Wilkins

Assistant Professor, Human Physiology
Practice Areas: Human Performance, Exercise, Running

Oregon Performance Research Lab | 541-346-1570

Brad Wilkins is an academic expert in exercise physiology and the physiological limits of human performance. He studies the balance between oxygen supply through the cardiovascular system and the demand/utilization of oxygen in the muscles to produce the energy required for exercise. Wilkins explores neural and metabolic factors related to blood flow regulation and muscle bioenergetics that lead to changes in oxygen supply-demand balance or create an imbalance. He is especially keen on understanding the mechanisms that contribute to potential limitations in endurance performance.  Wilkins’ career as a research scientist spans both industry and academia where he has studied elite marathoners, helped Olympic athletes prepare for competition, worked with special forces operators, and developed technologies to help push the boundaries of human potential.   

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