Annie Zemper, Department of Biology

picture of Annie Zemper

Annie Zemper

Assistant Professor, Biology
Associate Faculty, Knight Campus
Practice Areas: Gut-Brain Connection, Gut Diseases, Genetics, Cell Development, Intestinal Stem Cell Biology

Annie Zemper (she/her) is an academic expert in cell biology, cancer biology, organ development, intestinal stem cell biology and chronic gut inflammation. The Zemper lab studies all aspects of mammalian gut biology. They have projects that focus on the development of the colon, precancerous conditions, as well as chronic inflammation. They use the mouse as a model system to try and understand how specialized cells called “stem cells,” are helping guide the day-to-day decisions of the gut and how those decisions can really impact our long-term health. The lab prides itself on being an inclusive and diverse environment and welcome anyone interested in studying gut biology.

Recent Media:
Annie Zemper 2020 | Ersted Award for Distinguished Teaching (University of Oregon, 2020)
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