Melissa Graboyes, Department of History

Melissa Graboyes

Associate Professor
Director, African Studies
Practice Areas: Infectious and Epidemic Diseases, Medical History, Global Health, History of Science, Colonial and Postcolonial African History

Faculty bio | Research website 

Melissa Graboyes is an expert in global pandemics, medical history, global health, history of science, and colonial and postcolonial African history. Melissa’s current book project is a history of malaria elimination attempts in Africa over the last century, which is funded by a 5-year US National Science Foundation grant. Her research has an East African regional emphasis and employs a variety of historical and anthropological methods. She has worked as a global health practitioner in the United States and Africa, and conducted research in East Africa for the past 18 years. Melissa is the author of "The Experiment Must Continue: Medical Research and Ethics in East Africa, 1940-2014," which is being used by global health and development workers and taught with at multiple universities. She is a co-editor of "Africa Every Day: Fun, Leisure, and Expressive Culture on the Continent."

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