Gina Biancarosa, College of Education

Gina Biancarosa

Gina Biancarosa, Ann Swindells Chair in Education

Professor, Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences
Practice Areas: Reading Development, Reading Assessment and Measurement, Reading Comprehension Difficulties

Faculty bio | MOCCA | DIBELS

Gina Biancarosa has expertise in reading development, especially adolescent literacy; the assessment of reading, especially curriculum-based measurement and measuring reading comprehension; and specific difficulties students experience in reading comprehension. Gina is a lead author and researcher of DIBELS, a K-8 reading curriculum-based measurement system, and MOCCA, a unique diagnostic assessment of reading comprehension. She can speak about how reading develops across the lifespan with a focus on how reading demands diversify across students’ educational careers, the centrality of reading in learning, and late-emerging and specific reading comprehension difficulties. She can also comment on reading assessment for a variety of purposes, including screening, progress monitoring, diagnostic, and accountability purposes.

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