Krystale Littlejohn, Department of Sociology

Krystale Littlejohn
Academic Areas:
Fertility, Contraception and Sexual Behavior, Inequality (Race, Gender, Class), Health and Medicine, Mixed-Methods Research

Krystale Littlejohn is an academic expert in fertility, contraception and sexual behavior, social inequality, and the social dimensions of health. Her research uses quantitative and qualitative methods. At the University of Oregon, she is an assistant professor of sociology. In her forthcoming book, “Just Get on the Pill: Gender, Compulsory Birth Control and Reproductive Injustice,” she uses a reproductive justice lens and in-depth interviews with young women to reveal social inequality in the organization of pregnancy prevention. The book highlights how taken-for-granted gendered ideas about men’s and women’s bodies in pregnancy prevention can pose challenges for women’s health and reproductive autonomy and make it more difficult for couples to prevent pregnancy. Other work examines sexual behavior and experiences of sexual violence, particularly among college students. 

Contact: | @drklittlej

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