Laura Wellman, Lundquist College of Business

picture of Laura Wellman with a dark blue backdrop

Laura Wellman, Richard W. Lindholm Professor in Taxation

Associate Professor, Accounting
Practice Areas: Corporate Political Activism, Political Hedging, Tax Policy

Laura A. Wellman is an academic expert in corporate political activism, political hedging and tax policy. Her research broadly examines how government policy uncertainty affects firms and investors, and the strategies that firms and investors pursue to navigate and reduce uncertainty. She has published articles in such journals as Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Management Science, and Review of Accounting Studies. She routinely reviews for the leading accounting journals. Her current research investigates whether and how firms respond to environmental and social risks and opportunities by increasing public disclosures and political activity.

Recent Media:
UO study shows impact of politicians sharing policy info with businesses (KOIN, Jan. 30, 2024)
Evidence shows that Larry Fink’s annual letters actually work (Institutional Investor, Feb. 25, 2021)