Phil Fisher, Department of Psychology

Phil Fisher, expert in child development, especially in cases of abuse and neglect

Phil Fisher, Philip H. Knight Chair

Practice Areas: Child Abuse, Foster Care, Early Childhood Adversity, Stress Neurobiology, Neglect, Attachment Disorder, Child Welfare Policy

Faculty bioStress Neurobiology and Prevention (SNAP) lab | (541) 346-4968 

Phil Fisher is an academic expert in child development, specifically related to the effects of early stressful experiences, including child abuse and neglect. Phil develops programs for improving abused and neglected children's ability to attach to caregivers, build relationships with peers, and function in school. Phil is the science director for the National Forum on Early Childhood Policy and Programs, based at Harvard University, a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Center on the Developing Child and the co-principal investigator on the Translational Drug Abuse Prevention Center, which works to increase the understanding of the effects of early adversity and risk in decision-making and behavior policy and practice in child welfare systems. 

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