Nicolae Morar, Department of Philosophy

Nicolae Morar

Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Philosophy
Practice Areas: Bioethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Clinical Ethics

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Nicolae Morar’s research interests lie at the intersection of biology, ecology, and bioethics (especially biomedical, genethics, environmental, and research ethics). His work looks at how various conceptual analyses in philosophy of biology and ecology influence and transforms debates in bioethics, and in ethics broadly construed. His collaborative research has provided a critical assessment of the normative role of biodiversity in environmental ethics debates. Morar has several on-going projects concerning the role of biology and genetics in applied ethics, as well as the role emotions (especially, disgust) play in normative debates in our society. He is particularly interested in how new microbiological conceptions of human organisms and current biotechnologies are altering traditional conceptions of human nature.

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