Charles “Chuck” Kimmel, Department of Biology

Charles Kimmel, professor emeritus, Department of Biology

Charles “Chuck” Kimmel

Professor Emeritus
Practice Areas: Biology

Charles "Chuck" Kimmel published his first zebrafish paper, on Mauthner neurons, in 1981 and took over leadership of the University of Oregon’s renowned and pioneering zebrafish laboratory from George Streisinger in 1984. Fittingly,  Kimmel was the recipient of the International Zebrafish Society’s inaugural George Streisinger Award. He was elected to National Academy of Sciences​​ in 2022 for his work with zebrafish and establishing new lines of genetic research. His peers have recognized him as one the leading developmental biologists working with any organism, electing him president of the Society for Developmental Biology in 1993 and awarding him the Conklin Medal for lifetime achievement in developmental biology in 2000. As an emeritus professor, he continues to oversee the Kimmel lab and works on problems of genetic, cellular and evolutionary variation, especially in animal and organ shape. Kimmel earned his PhD. from Johns Hopkins University and came to the UO in 1969 after doing postdoctoral work at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif.

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