Neil O’Brian, Department of Political Science

Neil O'Brian

Neil O’Brian

Practice Areas: U.S. Politics, Political Parties, Congress, Public Opinion, Polarization

Neil O’Brian is an academic expert in U.S. politics with focus on public opinion, political parties and polarization. At the University of Oregon, he is an assistant professor of political science. Neil’s recent work has focused on how people’s perceptions of politics and current events affect their political attitudes. He is also writing a book on the 1960s racial realignment and its effect on party polarization on issues like abortion, gun control and immigration.



Recent Media: 
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Evangelicals opposed abortion long before their leaders caught up (The Washington Post, May 18, 2022)
Val Hoyle wins Democratic nod for Oregon House seat long held by Peter DeFazio (Washington Examiner, May 17, 2022)
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