Paul Dalton, Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Paul Dalton outside with trees in the background

Paul Dalton

Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering
Bradshaw and Holzapfel Research Professor in Transformational Science and Mathematics
Practice Areas: 3D Printing, Micro-3D Printing, Biofabrication, Biomaterials, Melt Electrowriting, Advanced Manufacturing, Scaffold Design, Hybrid Fabrication

Faculty bioThe Dalton Lab

Paul Dalton is a futurist, inventor and an academic expert in 3D printing, micro-3D printing, biofabrication, biomaterials, melt electrowriting, advanced manufacturing, scaffold design and hybrid fabrication. Paul works to re-envision the future of advanced manufacturing. He invented melt electrowriting as a distinct class within 3D-printing and developed this technology for biomedical applications. Paul made waves with a 2023 research paper that provided an instruction plan for affordable, open-source microscale 3D printers and, in 2024, published research on using scaffolds for skin reconstruction in vitro.

Recent Media:

LIVE BROADCAST: Univ. of Oregon artificial skin breakthrough (KPTV, March 18, 2024)
Oregon researchers create super-realistic artificial human skin with 3D printer (The Oregonian, March 18, 2024)
Open source melt electrowriting 3D printer could democratize advanced techniques (3D Print, Feb. 17, 2023)