Jeffrey Measelle, Department of Psychology

Jeffrey Measelle

Practice Areas: Developmental Stress Biology, Caregiving Support for Early Brain Development, Pediatric Global Health

Jeffrey Measelle is an academic expert in developmental stress biology, caregiving support for early brain development and pediatric global health. At the University of Oregon, he is a professor of psychology and member of the global health faculty. Much of Jeffrey’s work has been carried out with high risk populations in the United States, especially families contending with extreme poverty. A major focus of his work currently concerns the effects of malnutrition on the neurophysiology of children in Southeast Asia and Africa. Jeffrey also directs the Southeast Asian Nutritional Neuroscience Network (SEAN3), which comprises neuroscience, nutrition, and public health colleagues in Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos.

Currently, he is coordinating the Oregon Student Corps to Combat Coronavirus, which is state-wide initiative to train Oregon students to work as COVID-19 contract tracers.  

Contact: | 541-346-4570


Recent Media:
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