Juan Eduardo Wolf, School of Music and Dance

Juan Eduardo Wolf

Practice Areas: Latin American Music and Dance, Ethnomusicology, Indigenous Music, Folklore, Immigration, Identity, Race

Juan Eduardo Wolf is an academic expert in Latin American music and dance, ethnomusicology, indigenous music, folklore, immigration and identity. At the University of Oregon, he is an associate professor of ethnomusicology and the coordinator of the UO World Music Series. Ed is interested in how people identify through music, particularly in relation to race in Latin America. He works with Afro-descendant and indigenous musics, religions and carnival dancing and patron saint festivals, all within the context of the South Central Andes. His recent research looks at how Afro-Chileans are attempting to become recognized on their country’s census for the first time. Ed can also speak to how dance has been used to make people aware of issues.

ewolf2@uoregon.edu | 541-346-2852


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