Peter Younkin, Lundquist College of Business

Peter Younkin

Peter Younkin

Associate Professor, Management
Stewart Distinguished Faculty
Inman Research Scholar
Practice Areas: Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Cultural Industries,

Faculty bio | (541) 346-7318

Peter Younkin is an academic expert in entrepreneurship, diversity and cultural industries. His research focuses on how racial and gender discrimination influence how people make decisions in the market—from financial investments to hiring and promotion. For instance, in one recent paper he looked at how employers treat job applicants with experience as founders and showed that employers were significantly less likely to hire ex-entrepreneurs than they were otherwise identical applicants. However, this penalty was not applied to women—suggesting that women may face fewer costs to pursuing entrepreneurship than men. In a second recent paper he looked at how support for Black founders varied in the aftermath of a polarizing event (e.g. the death of George Floyd) and showed that the increased salience of racial differences reduces support for Black founders, a previously unanticipated cost. Recent work has also considered the role of race in Hollywood casting and how genre-spanning affects the popularity of new musicians.

Recent Media: 
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