Ulrich Mayr, Department of Psychology

Ulrich Mayr

Academic Areas:
Multitasking, Brain Training, Altruism, Aging and Cognitive Functioning, Eye Witness Memory, Concussions, ADHD, Gender Differences in Competitiveness

Ulrich Mayr is an academic expert in multitasking, brain training, effects of aging on cognitive functioning, eye-witness memory, concussions, ADHD, gender differences in competitiveness and altruism. At the University of Oregon, he is the head of the psychology department. Ulrich’s research examines neuro-cognitive functioning across the entire life span with a particular focus on executive control and memory. He uses neuroimaging and behavioral methods to better understand complex social phenomena, such as altruism or competitive behavior. Media frequently comes to him on issues of brain training (does it work?) and altruism. 

Contact: mayr@uoregon.edu


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