Elizabeth Budd, College of Education

Elizabeth Budd, Evergreen Assistant Professor

Practice Areas: Public Health, Chronic Disease Prevention, Health Promotion, Physical Activity, Healthy Eating

Elizabeth "Liz" Budd is a nationally recognized scholar of public health, health promotion and health equity. She holds leadership roles in the Physical Activity Section of the American Public Health Association. The goal of her research is to prevent the onset of chronic diseases, especially among groups with heightened risk, in order to achieve population-level health equity. Specifically, she examines the policies and environmental factors (social and physical) that influence physical activity and healthy eating. She has a particular interest in youth, adolescent girls, and Latino/a/x community members. Budd also works to implement, evaluate, and foster the sustainability of evidence-based interventions to promote healthy behaviors in community settings. 

She’s part of a team of researchers that designed a program that used culturally informed outreach with well-located community testing sites to triple turnout for COVID-19 testing in Latinx communities around Oregon. The researchers are hopeful their findings can help shape future public health and other outreach campaigns to Latinx communities across the country.

Budd is an Evergreen Assistant Professor situated within the College of Education, Counseling Psychology and Human Services Department, and affiliated with the Family and Human Services and Prevention Science programs. She’s also a member of the Health Promotion Initiative and Prevention Science Institute.

Contact: ebudd@uoregon.edu | 541-346-2173


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