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Donna Davis

Practice Areas: Virtual Reality (VR), Digital Embodiment, Tech Equity and Inclusion, Digital Social Capital

Donna Davis is an academic expert in virtual reality (VR), digital embodiment, tech equity and inclusion, and digital social capital. At the University of Oregon, she is an associate professor and director in the Strategic Communication Master’s Program. Her ethnographic research focuses on the potential uses of social virtual worlds, gamification, and other emerging social media, with a special interest in marginalized and vulnerable communities. Her research on embodied experience and identity among people with disabilities in virtual reality was funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation. She has also extensively studied people with Parkinson’s disease who find and build support in the virtual world. Her interests continue to explore the impacts of these experiences on both the promise and peril of technosolutionism, recognizing both isolating and connecting power of these emerging immersive environments. 

Contact: | 503-412-3658


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