Adam Miller, Department of Biology

Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Associate Professor, Biology, Neuroscience
Member, Institute of Neuroscience
Practice Areas: Neural circuit assembly and disruptions to brain development and function

The Miller Lab

Adam Miller is an academic expert in neural circuits. His lab uses animal model systems with genetics, molecular biology, and microscopy to understand how the brain wires together at the connection points between neurons. They use functional analysis including calcium imaging and behavioral studies to understand how neurons work together in networks. And they model human brain health by examining mutations that are related to neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g. autism) and injury states (e.g. degeneration) to identify what changes and what interventions can be applied to alter outcomes. Ultimately, the long-term goal is to understand the generative rules that are used across developmental time and space to create the complexities of the brain and to generate approaches to re-engineer connections to improve health.

Recent Media:
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