Dennis Galvan, Division of Global Engagement

Dennis Galvan

Professor, Political Studies and Global Studies
Dean and Vice Provost, Division of Global Engagement
Practice Areas: International Development, Developing Countries, Poverty, Global Inequality, Westernization, West Africa, Indonesia, Islam, Ethnic Conflict, Nation Building, Democratization

Faculty bio | Research website | 541-346-5851

Dennis Galvan is an academic expert in international development, global inequality, westernization, ethnic conflict, nation building and democratization. Dennis looks at culture and development, ethnic conflict, nation building, marketization and democratization. He is especially interested in the backlash against westernization and western culture in predominately Muslim areas such as West Africa and Indonesia. Dennis can also comment on topics such as the spread of Islamic extremism, terrorism in West Africa and Southeast Asia, US foreign policy in the developing world, the post-Arab Spring backlash and global economic inequality.

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